Citizen Sleuths Launch A Slick New Website To Hunt Down Capitol Insurrectionists

Some of the citizen sleuths behind the open-source effort to identify the hundreds of Donald Trump-loving rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol have launched an impressive new website that organizes the stunning amount of digital evidence collected about the Jan. 6 insurrection.

The website,, was built by a small team of volunteer software developers, using the work of open-source investigators looking into the deadly Capitol attack. The site features a color-coded timeline that reflects the time of day, and allows users to click around on a map of the Capitol and pull up any video evidence from a particular location and time frame. Users can even track an individual suspect’s movements over the course of Jan. 6.

HuffPost was given an early look at the website by a software engineer who is helping to lead the project. The engineer said the site “is nothing without the enormous

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Buying Shares of This Company Could Be Like Buying Shopify Stock… Before Its Monster Run-Up

In January 2017, I made a small purchase that would change my family’s financial trajectory forever. It was my initial position in Shopify (NYSE:SHOP) — a company that helps level the playing field in e-commerce. I haven’t sold a single share since — even though they’ve increased 2,000%.

The reason I made that purchase was because I saw a powerful, two-pronged dynamic at play that I believed most investors were under-estimating. Recently, I found another company — Unity Software (NYSE:U) — that is utilizing the same dynamic. I immediately purchased shares.

Read below to see what the dynamic is, and why I think it could power Shopify-like returns for Unity shareholders.

Blue balloon sitting above room full of gray balloons

Image source: Getty Images.

The key pattern playing out at Shopify…

When Shopify started, it was a pure software-as-a-service (SaaS) company. It created software that made it easy for merchants — from mom-and-pop shops

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