What to expect from online casinos in 2022

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The online casino gaming market is a privileged sector that, in times of a pandemic, has grown a lot in recent years rather than facing a crisis and still has great growth potential in 2022.

The ease of playing from the comfort of home attracted many players, also the strong campaigns and offers from companies in the sector in search of new players helped this incredible growth.

With the promising market, many new companies have entered the market and a lot of innovation is expected in the market in 2022.

New games

Online casinos will look to integrate more new technologies into their sites in 2022 to increase the variety of games they offer. This means players can expect to see more hybrid games, or special games like the Megaways category, which involve multiple ways to win each spin and an ever-changing number of reels, reels, and paylines.

Advanced software developments mean that these more detailed and complex game styles will also be easier to access and come with smoother gameplay. Along with the development of specific online casino technology, the advancement of gaming technology in general means that players are expected to find more gamification elements this year.

This will essentially improve your online casino gaming experience. Expect to find more levels to unlock, different bonus rounds, or even storytelling quests to complete.

Cryptocurrency in online casino

Technological trends for 2022 are not just about the way we play casino games, but also about the way we place our bets. In the coming years, you will see an increasing number of online casinos accepting cryptocurrencies, there are already many casinos that accept cryptocurrencies, and the trend is to increase even more.

Not only is this due to the fact that it has become easier to establish a payment encryption process for these sites, but it has also increased the recognition of cryptocurrency as a viable payment method and the demand from players to use it on casino sites. Receiving jackpot prizes paid to you in cryptocurrency tends to become more common.

Also, payment methods expansion in the US is expected to happen. Last month, Paysafe, a specialist payments platform, announced its expansion into the New York regulated sports betting market to strengthen its position as a leader in North American iGaming payments and affiliate marketing.

New casino brands

With the market on the rise, many casino companies will appear on the market in 2022 and the players are the ones who benefit from it. The greater the competitiveness, the better offers and better services will be provided to players.

The online casino company Dolly Casino, recently launched on the market, guarantees that many news and innovations are to come. The site promises to offer attractive new games with stunning visuals to make the player feel like they are in Vegas without having to leave their home.

The company also guarantees that the promotional offers dedicated to VIP players will be constant and attractive to adapt to the profile of each player. They at Dolly Casino focus not only on attracting new players, but also on loyalty. And the company also highlights that it will focus on gaming responsibility.

A significant increase of new foreign casinos is also expected. In Italy, for example, there was a huge variety of foreign casinos that started operating in the country in 2021. Italian market experts believe that this new trend will only increase. The same is expected to happen in the US market in 2022.

Story by Paul Collins

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