Cisco publishes solutions to SD-WAN and HyperFlex software security vulnerabilities


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Cisco released software updates this week addressing multiple vulnerabilities the company says “could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to execute arbitrary code or gain access to sensitive information, or allow an authenticated, local attacker to gain escalated privileges or gain unauthorized access to the application.”

A variety of security lapses were found in Cisco’s SD-WAN vManage Software and in the web-based management interface of HyperFlex HX, all of which required software updates Cisco said in a statement that there were no workarounds that address these vulnerabilities.

The company published detailed breakdowns of each vulnerability, highlighting specific issues revolving around SD-WAN vManage Cluster Mode Unauthorized Message Processing, Privilege Escalation, Unauthorized Access, vManage Denial of Service, and Unauthorized Services Access. 

The vulnerabilities allow authorized and unauthorized users to send unauthorized messages to the vulnerable application, gain elevated privileges, make application modifications or cause a DoS condition on affected systems. 


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The Best Ad Blockers for the iPhone

Ad blockers are software you can install on your mobile device to control ads and pop-up scripts while browsing the web or using various apps. Pop-ups are annoying and often hazardous because they interrupt your thought process, increase page loading time, and allow unknown third parties to invade your privacy by following your browser movements around the web.

There’s a multitude of ad blocker apps available on the App Store, and choosing among them is a daunting task. But we do the work for you with this list of the best blockers available for your iPhone or iPad. Most are free or nearly so, often with optional in-app purchases for premium features.

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Secure, private, and easy to use, 1Blocker lets you block ads and trackers so you can safely browse the web. The app is designed to extend Safari without draining your battery because Safari does the

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3 Software Stocks to Buy in a Challenging Industry

The Zacks Computer Software industry is benefiting from the continued digital transformation drive. Software is ubiquitous and has become the focal point of technological innovation. Apart from running devices and applications, its usage is expanding in managing infrastructure. Moreover, the industry is benefiting significantly from the ongoing cloud transition

The role of software is evolving. Further, as more and more people work remotely due to the coronavirus outbreak, demand for voice and video communication software as well as productivity software is expected to jump exponentially. This bodes well for industry participants like Adobe (ADBE), SAP SE (SAP) and Verint Systems (VRNT).

Industry Description

The Zacks Computer Software industry comprises companies that provide software applications related to cloud computing, electronic product designing, digital media and marketing, customer relationship management, on-premise as well as cloud-based database management, accounting & tax purposes, human capital management, cybersecurity and application performance monitoring, among others.


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