Adobe Flash Might Be Dead, But It Can Still Be a Security Threat

Adobe Flash Player has been an online giant for over a decade now. You’ve most likely used it several times even without noticing. Adobe Flash is a staple plugin in most browsers from Chrome to Internet Edge and Firefox.

But what happens now that Adobe has stopped supporting it? Can outdated plugins be a threat to your online security?

What Is Adobe Flash Player?

Adobe Flash Player is a piece of software that runs multimedia files in numerous browsers. You might be more used to calling it Shockwave Flash if you use Internet Edge, Firefox, or Google Chrome.

First created in 1996, Adobe Flash Player allows your browser to run a variety of  media online from video and audio to games and web apps. However, while Flash made it easy to browse media-rich websites without needing heavy software or complex programming languages, it has always presented some security risks. As

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Microsoft Says Vaccine Tools Have ‘Fallen Short’ After DC Snags

(Bloomberg) —

Widely-used Microsoft Corp. vaccine scheduling software that has run into difficulties in states like Iowa and New Jersey is being blamed for problems that left some residents of the nation’s capital unable to book appointments.

After three straight days of issues with the District of Columbia’s online vaccination registration, the Redmond, Washington-based technology company released a statement along with the city government acknowledging “that our efforts have fallen short” and vowing to address the problems.

“We understand the frustration of individuals who attempted to utilize the District’s vaccination appointment portal this week,” they said. “We are committed to address technical issues so that the vaccination appointment portal is properly functional and accessible.”

The issues in DC represent another black eye for Microsoft, which has heavily touted its software as a way to help with rapid vaccine deployment and scheduling. In the past several years, the software giant has

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FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks vs. Sage: Which Is Right For Your Business?

FreshBooks is one of the leading cloud-based accounting software available in the market. It provides a comprehensive list of features to manage accounting needs for small to mid-size businesses. Its features include invoicing, time tracking, record keeping, salary evaluations, projects, and team collaborations, among others.

FreshBooks has been a popular choice for millions of clients across different countries ever since its inception. That is mostly due to the features provided by the site that cover just about everything an entrepreneur would need for their accounting. However, knowing that it offers many features doesn’t qualify FreshBooks as the best accounting software for your business. Therefore, we’ll take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of FreshBooks to provide you with all the information you need before you make a choice on the best accounting software for your business.

One of the reasons FreshBooks is so popular is its affordable pricing

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Creating and Displaying Your Own Custom Bobblehead Dolls

Custom bobblehead dolls – Likenessme Blog | Custom bobblehead doll from your  photo! | Page 2

So, you have decided that it is time for you to give your custom bobblehead dolls a unique twist by giving them a personalized look. There are so many things to think about when customizing your dolls. First thing to consider is if your are ordering them online or from a store, how long it will take to process, package and get a personalized bobbleheads doll order delivered to your door. This depends solely on your Order Time as well as the Shipping Method that you choose during checkout.

Fast Shipping – Pre-made Bobbleheads usually takes three to seven business days (depending on where you live) from the time they are placed in the store till you receive them in the mail. Most stores can expedite your order by an additional charge. Some will even do this for free with your order. You should always check with each store to … Read More