April 24, 2024


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‘GTA Online’ Cheat Tool Removed: Details on the Paragon Hack and Why It’s Shut Down

What was once the best cheating software services used in “GTA Online” has now been compromised, leading to thousands of user data leaks, including information on SCIDs, IPs, emails, Discord IDs, and license keys. As a result, Paragon has announced that it would permanently discontinue all services moving forward.

The “Grand Theft Auto” (GTA) gaming franchise has constantly advertised itself as a fantastic open-world experience. Gamers from “GTA Online” should know that it offers a lot of content that could take an eternity to unlock. This is why cheater software such as Paragon comes into service.

Paragon Software or Paragon Mod Menu

Screenrant reported that Paragon was a top choice favorite for many cheaters. Using its service, cheaters could unlock unfair advantages and even forcefully crash another gamer’s “GTA Online” software. Even without malicious intents, other gamers enjoy Paragon’s services by unlocking the customizable content for player’s avatar appearance, gestures, weapons, vehicles, and even sci-fi powers like teleporting or flying.

When it was still active, Paragon services, also known as mod menus, were offered through activation keys priced around $30 – $50.

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Details on the Paragon Hack

Ironically, reports come in that Paragon servers have been hacked. Malicious actors gained access to their servers and stole users’ personal data. Although reports do not elaborate on the attack, anybody using the Paragon services is identified to be at risk from the data leak. Fortunately, Paragon said that no passwords have been compromised.

Paragon also reported that, unfortunately, they do not know who is behind the attack and if these hackers did so with the intent of putting the software down. While Paragon said that fixing the data leak and recovering their services is possible, they decided to do otherwise.

Instead, Paragon posted through their official site that their software services would permanently shut down. Paragon noted that “An incident like this still changes things. It has increased the risks involved to the point that staying operational is no longer viable. Regrettably, this leads us to the decision to shut down to avoid further complications before it’s too late.”

The announcement concluded with an apology to players and customers who paid for their services. Unfortunately, no refunds or chargebacks would be provided. This could be devastating news to resellers and newly joined users.

As of time of writing, Paragon should have closed its servers in “GTA Online.”

Gamers might now be at a loss for the Paragon cheating service, but it also marks a development for “GTA Online.” This is the closure for a huge section of in-game cheaters. Rockstar could also promote long-term services to its fans, making the “GTA Online” community a lot more safe and secure.

Cheater mods and programs would continue to exist in a big community like “GTA Online.” However, the Paragon hack also warns of the risk that comes to the registered account. So the next time you consider trying “GTA Online” mods, keep in mind that the fate of Paragon players did not end so well.
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