Christian County launches online Transparency Center for finances

Christian County announced Friday that it launched a new online Transparency Center powered by ClearGov, a provider of online budgeting and communications software for local governments.

The site will provide residents with an easy-to-understand, interactive breakdown of the county’s demographics and finances.

For individuals with disabilities, the site can be accessed using assistive technology including screen readers with voice recognition software.

According to a news release, the center will allow residents to see how the county’s funds are generated and allocated. There will be detailed information about the budget and community programs and services.

In some cases, information about Christian County can be compared to other counties.

“We are proud to have taken this proactive step toward a more open and accessible government and we’re excited to make this available to our community,” said Amy Dent, Christian County Auditor, in the release. 

“These days, not everyone has the time to

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Miami-Dade County Public Schools to begin school year online only and later Aug. 31 date

Miami-Dade County Public Schools will start the school year remotely — and late — on Aug. 31, school officials announced Wednesday.

Students, parents and teachers have been anticipating what some would say was an inevitable decision by school officials. With less than a month to go and an infection rate in Miami-Dade County more three times higher than the school district’s goal of 5%, reopening schools by the original Aug. 24 date was deemed impossible.

The announcement came during a special School Board meeting.

“We are ever cognizant that many families have already begun planning for a return to schooling through their preferred model for Stage II,” said Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho. “However, in light of the viral surge in our community, we believe it is in the best agen ppob terlengkap interest of our students and employees to delay the return to the schoolhouse and commence the 2020-2021

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