May 19, 2024


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17 apps, software, streaming services, and more on sale for this weekend only

For all their everything-ness, there are still some areas where even the great and powerful Amazon isn’t all that. Sure, you can find just about any physical item being sold in the depths of Amazon product pages somewhere, but when it comes to software and apps, well, that’s an area where the eCommerce giant mostly steers clear. 

But not only is this cool roundup of ultra-resourceful apps and services mostly absent from Amazon, but they’re also on sale at prices that’d have Jeff Bezos envious. Or at least…we imagine it.

Design Wizard Pro: Lifetime Subscription – $39; originally $599

Design work for marketing or social media takes time, but with this easy-to-use graphic design software, projects can get rolling from over 30,000 modern design templates and a library of more than 1.2 million curated images. Everything is royalty-free, totally customizable, and looks great, so you can create professional-grade graphics or images in just minutes.

Pinstriped Call and Meeting Notes Premium Plan: Lifetime Subscription – $39.99; originally $300

Meetings can be such massive time sucks. With Pinstriped, you keep your work calls, meeting agendas, and spontaneous ideas straight in this maxed-out efficiency tool. You can preview meetings with one-click emails, organize content around talking points, add files and links, then alert everyone of expected actions and decisions. 

Rezi Résumé Software: Pro Lifetime Subscription – $29; originally $540

Trusted by over 100,000 job seekers and firms like Airbnb, Spotify, Google, and more, Rezi uses artificial intelligence to build you a resume tailored to the job you want and optimized to get you past those pesky automated ATS (Applicant Tracking System) standards. And users get instant feedback on their resume with a graded Rezi Score, an assessment that has helped Rezi subscribers land an interview with an almost 27 percent success rate. 

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription – $39.99; originally $199

KeepSolid is one of the most reliable names in VPN protection — and with this lifetime deal, users join 10 million KeepSolid members who are fully secure online with no speed or bandwidth limits. Through their 400-server network in almost 80 locations around the globe, users get encrypted web access that shields all private information from anyone trying to swipe their data online, even when connected from dodgy public WiFi spots.

Cyclonis Password Manager for Unlimited Devices: Lifetime Subscription – $29; originally $180

Cyclonis makes sure you never have to remember dozens of passwords ever again. Their Password Manager constructs unique, long-tail, complex passwords for all your sites, stores them in your own fully encrypted personal vault, then automatically fills them in when you need to access your account or page. It’ll even store all your vital personal, financial, and business logins too.

Kirim Email: Lifetime Subscription – $39.99; originally $163

Kirim Email currently services more than 18,000 businesses, streamlining email marketing so you get more bang for your buck. This web-based, easy-to-use platform can validate every email on your mailing list, weed out spam, bots, or zombie addresses, gather vital information with fast deploying Google Forms and Sheets, and more. Kirim makes sure your marketing emails get to real people with a real chance of landing a customer and increasing sales.

iMazing iOS Device Manager – $19.99; originally $44

Here’s the app that lets Apple device users actually do all that stuff we’d expect them to do. This all-purpose tool allows for easy browsing and managing of backups, printing and archiving text messages, and quickly dragging and dropping songs to your iPhone or iPad without iTunes, all without jailbreaking your device. With iMazing, dealing with all the complexities of an Apple device gets a whole lot easier.

Speakly: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) – $69.99; originally $399

Want to learn Spanish, French, German, or even something less common like Finnish or Russian? Speakly is a targeted language training system that hones in on the 4,000 most statistically relevant words you can learn in a language and teaches them to you quickly. With just 100 hours of study, users will feel confident in up to 8 different languages and be ready to take on real-world situations with native speakers.

Camtasia 2021 and One Year of Maintenance – $199; originally $299

Camtasia takes the stress out of video editing, offering loads of pre-built templates to create quick and easy marketing or social media videos in minutes. Users can record a computer screen, import graphic elements, add video footage, then edit, insert special effects, and export-ready to watch videos that look like a professional marketing company produced them.

DOGTV: Lifetime Subscription – $199.99; originally $424

DOGTV is just what it sounds like — TV for dogs. This 24/7 streaming channel is stacked with programming all scientifically developed to a dog’s visual and auditory senses to reduce stress, soothe separation anxiety, quell destructive behaviors, and generally make for a more confident, happier pooch. If your dog hates being left alone, DOGTV can be the friend they’re looking for.

SelectTV Streaming App: Lifetime Subscription – $99.99; originally $478

Meanwhile, this one’s for you, a comprehensive digital media guide compiling millions of video links organizing all of the web’s TV shows, movies, live events, and more for your viewing enjoyment from some of the biggest video streaming providers. With SelectTV’s exclusive entertainment libraries, users also get 150 live streaming channels, the best deals on pay-per-view, local channel access, and more viewing options than anyone could ever even sample. But it’ll be fun giving it a try. Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription – $49.99; originally $349 is the aid tool that’s helped get a million new businesses off the ground, all so you can make it a million and one. With in-depth courses, on-demand expert advice, and all sorts of sound business tools, Startups is a one-stop hub for vetting your new business idea. Through 650 master class videos, more than 1,000 how-to guides, the advice of more than 20,000 seasoned mentors, and the aid of’s partners like Bizplan, Fundable, Launchrock, and more, they’ll help make sure a fledgling enterprise gets off on the right foot.

Ultrahuman Holistic Fitness App: Lifetime Subscription – $59.99; originally $399

This award-winning fitness app doesn’t just help fine-tune your body. It helps fine-tune your mind too. In addition to HIIT classes, yoga, running, marathon training, and more, Ultrahuman looks at your personal side too, including mindfulness and personal growth aids like meditation, bedtime stories, sleep tools, and brain music. There’s even a biofeedback feature to track your heart rate and calories burned, while also gauging how well the meditation, workouts, and brain music are actually working.

Matt’s Flights Premium Plan: 1-Yr Subscription – $29.99; originally $97

Matt’s Flights can get you someone new, exotic, and amazing in minutes. This travel service constantly monitors airline flight boards and prices — and can alert you instantly when they drop a flight to a mistake level shocker of a deal. Users can plan out trips, get recommendations and exclusive offers, and generally just make sure they’re getting the most bang from their travel buck.

The All-Star Mac Bundle Ft. Parallels Pro – $25 with code ALLSTARMAC; originally $876

Every Mac could use a little boost now and again — so this collection of five stellar apps are packaged together to help, including Parallels Pro, the ultimate tool to help thousands of Windows apps run on Mac’s OS with zero problems. The bundle also includes a lifetime of FastestVPN access, contact manager BusyContacts, animation software Moho Debut, and PDF management uber-tool PDFChef.

Blinkist Premium: 2-Year Subscription – $99.99; originally $383

With 19 million users worldwide, Blinkist is one of the best summary apps around, offering thousands of best-selling books, all boiled down to essential ideas and takeaways you can consume in written or audio form in just 15 minutes. Plus, now they’re also doing ShortCasts, breakdowns of some of the web’s most popular podcasts, also in easily digestible, 15-minute installments. This best-on-the-web price of almost 75 percent off is only available for the next several days, so jump on this one now.  

Slidebean Presentation Software: Lifetime Subscription – $49.99; originally $1,140

Who’s got the time to spend hours and hours honing a PowerPoint presentation to absolute perfection? Considering you probably don’t, but still need to make sure work is of the highest quality, Slidebean rides to the rescue with professional-grade slide templates ready to be modified for your presentation. With AI-driven brains that intelligently put your presentation together while always offering full customization options, you can wrap up a presentation in just minutes instead of hours.

Prices subject to change.