July 21, 2024


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240W Power Delivery is the Next Big Thing in Charging


Until the future finally comes and we find a good replacement for lithium-ion batteries, the only real breakthroughs we see on a consistent basis in the world of batteries is in the charging speed department. Companies like OnePlus and Huawei have been pushing the limits of how quickly phones can charge, and thanks to a listing recently spotted, it appears we might be getting close to yet another milestone.

Highlighted by Tom’s Hardware, USB-C cables that support up to 240W Power Delivery have been spotted, capable of delivering 48V and 5 amps. This is some serious juice we’re talking about for a little USB-C cable, the same cable that can charge your smartphone and laptop computer.

Currently, a few of the fastest charging devices on the market are the OnePlus 10 Pro at 80W, select Xiaomi devices at 120W, Vivo phones, plus a handful of others. Here in the US, we don’t have a ton of options in the 50W+ category, so the idea of 240W is sort of mind boggling for us.

While it’s great to see these cables are getting produced, what we need now are chargers and devices to support it. OPPO is a company working diligently towards this, having announced 240W SuperVooc just earlier this year. That technology can charge a 4,500mAh battery in as little as 9 minutes (10V/24A). Even at those speeds, OPPO says that heat dissipation standards are met, which is promising.

My phone may not be ready, but my body is.

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