July 16, 2024


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7 aspects to consider when looking for efficient client portal software

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The core goal of a business is making sure that the clients they serve are receiving premium services that will keep them coming back- while also relying on them to refer more clients to the business. An incredible way of achieving this goal is through the use of client portals.  Client portals are beneficial both to the client and the business, as they make workflow easier while improving client relationships.

A good client portal will make your business look more professional while creating a central online space that serves as an overall database for client interaction.  The centralized access of necessary information will allow you and your team to be more productive, by eliminating extra steps.

Many software programs have been built over time to serve this increasing need, but not all client portals are created equal. Therefore, it is important to know which key features of client portal software such as Hectic™ serve your business best.

Some key points to consider include:

Easy communication

Easy access to the different communication features is integral to making the platform run well. Some tools to look out for are instant messaging features for individual or group messaging.  Discussion boards can also be great for longer message threads among coworkers.


A good client portal software should give you the ability to invoice your client on the site without needing to use more software for these services. All records of transactions can be accurately displayed on the client software portal dashboard for ease of access by both parties. In case there are any inquiries by the client, these invoices will make a great reference point to start inquiries from.


With client portal software, you’re able to set up appointments and reminders for client meetings, appointments, or necessary payments. You can also easily keep track of when services or goods are supposed to be delivered and then have you and your team deliver them on time. You and your client can easily agree on an opportune meeting or delivery times and places.

Organized file access and management

A great advantage of client portal software is that it has enhanced file management and storage capabilities. There is an interactive model of accessing files and working on them in team settings.  They can also support a wide variety of file types that can be easily previewed before choosing to download them

It offers a comprehensive online workspace

Remote working popularity and the need to work from home make it essential for companies to provide convenient work from home spaces. A client portal software can offer this opportunity for online working due to the easy access of files and a comprehensive way to organize them. You also get to interact with fellow employees at the same time making teamwork easy.

Secure way to transfer and view files

An online business that deals with sensitive information such as online client portals need top-notch security features. It will be detrimental to the company’s revenue, reputation, and customer service if the information were to come out.  A great feature to have is access permissions that will determine who has access to the files at certain times.

Customizable features

A good client portal software should also give you the ability to customize your user interface to fit in with your company brand’s colors, features, and logos. It is always the small customized features that capture the interest and make your customers have good experiences while signaling a sense of high levels of professionalism from you.


The greatest reason for getting customer portal software integrated into your business is to enhance your customer experience. Therefore, all functionalities you choose should be centered on benefiting your end-users with easy search functions, multi-language support, and other advanced features according to your business needs. The goal is to leave your customers feeling like working with you is an experience they would want to have again.

Story by Brad Bernanke