April 18, 2024


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Apple’s WWDC 2021: How to watch iOS 15, M1, MacOS 12 and everything else on June 7


Apple’s invite for WWDC 21.


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Apple used its spring event this year to announce the new M1 iPad Pro, a new M1-powered iMac, AirTags and a purple iPhone 12. This summer is when we’ll learn about all the new things Apple will make those gadgets capable of doing with its forthcoming software updates. The tech giant is holding its all-digital Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC, online from June 7-11. Fans and developers alike will be able to watch for free.

Last year, Apple announced a major change for its Mac computers, kicking off a transition from them being powered by Intel-made chips to being juiced by chips designed by Apple’s in-house team. That group’s been building chips to power iPhones and iPads for more than a decade, and now Apple says those chips are capable enough to power computers too. So far, the new computers powered by the new M1 chip have received positive reviews for their long battery life and cooler feel. Despite the initially positive reception, industry watchers are anxious to see how those chips will power more performance-heavy computers. Apple could also use the event to announce its next-gen M2 chips.

WWDC 2021: Everything we know so far


M1 is the marketing name for Apple’s more powerful versions of its iPhone and iPad chips for computers.


We could also learn more about the next version of MacOS, but the biggest announcement out of the event will likely be iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, the latest annual update to the company’s software for iPhones and iPads. This time around, the software update, which is usually free and released alongside new iPhones in the fall, is rumored to change additional default apps, include new ways to handle app notifications, and make its new small-app home screen widgets more interactive (currently they update data, but typically a tap brings you into the app instead of letting you interact just through the widget.)

iOS 15 rumors: Release date, buzzy new features, device compatibility and more

There are also rumors that the Apple Watch and its software could get new features. The Apple Watch currently can track movement, heart rate, ECG and blood-oxygen levels. The next rumored step could be to add blood sugar levels.


Apple’s online-only WWDC begins June 7 at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. BST and at 3 a.m. on June 8 AEST (Sorry, Australia). Though Apple hasn’t officially announced CEO Tim Cook’s traditional opening keynote presentation, it would be a shock if he didn’t appear. 

If June is just too long to wait for a visit with Cook, you may also be able to catch him testifying at the Epic Games v. Apple trial in Oakland, California.


You’ll be able to stream Apple’s event straight from the company’s website. We here at CNET will be covering the event live, as we always do, with the real-time news, insight and analysis you can get only here.

What we can expect

Apple’s digital events are fast-paced and slickly produced. WWDC also tends to be a little nerdier and sillier, with Apple making jokes about its wacky marketing team coming up with names for its software. Apple also tends to make fun of software head Craig Federighi‘s hair.