June 14, 2024


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Aravenda Consignment Software Positions Resellers Globally to Capture Market Share During Holidays

With new goods inventory in short supply, resellers who advertise items NWT (New With Tags) can really see revenue gains this holiday season.

Global shipping delays are affecting major retailers who are shrinking floorspace in clever ways this holiday season. If you have visited any luxury department stores at traditional shopping mall locations recently, you may have noticed some installing new displays and false walls to shrink available shopping space so the fewer goods they have look like more in the smaller area.

This is great news for the hundreds of thousands of resellers out there.

“Resale is the fastest growing segment of retail, and Aravenda Consignment Software is the fastest way to get your store inventory online and cross posted to major shopping sites,” Carolyn Thompson, CEO of Aravenda.com states. “Our in-house tech team can have you set up with a custom Shopify storefront and inbound shipping options just like the Real Real in a matter of days if you are ready to really take the leap and make your resale hobby a real business.”

“With users in multiple countries, we have noticed a recent uptick on the search term “NWT” on our client’s websites. Early holiday shoppers are looking for new items they can gift. If you have set your store up to efficiently cross post to major selling sites like eBay, Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tradesy, you will really have a great holiday sale season,” Thompson notes. “Just think about it like math – your online store is open far more hours a day than any brick and mortar, so if you really want to increase your sales, you have to increase your online presence.”

Many people don’t know where to start, so Aravenda’s Quick Start Guide is available as a free resource. “We take the service part of software as a service very seriously at Aravenda. We are here to help anyone ready to sell online or start a brick and mortar store in conjunction with their online store. The days of only being open a few hours a day or a few days a week doesn’t serve todays shoppers who want immediate gratification, and particularly those who are trying to get the best deals on new items for the holidays,” states Randy Howard, VP of IT and Customer Success at Aravenda.

About Aravenda Consignment Software

No one knows resale like Aravenda. As a Shopify Partner, Aravenda leads the market in global resale technology innovation no matter what you’re reselling. With clients in over 10 countries on 4 continents, visit Aravenda.com to have a new store up and running in a matter of days.

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