May 23, 2024


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Best H&R Block software deals of 2021

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Taxes are confusing and picking the right software to file with is important when it comes to maximizing your refund. If you haven’t chosen yet, we like H&R Block. It’s easy to understand, and while it’s not the cheapest option out there, we found that the user experience is worth the price.

Right now, you can find most versions of the software for both Mac and PC discounted at Amazon.

The software comes with the same accuracy and satisfaction guarantees as H&R Block’s online filing services. You’ll be able to download the program and prepare your return with or without an internet connection, and e-file up to five federal returns. While state return preparation is included, it’s important to note that there’s an additional fee to e-file.

Amazon is also holding an exclusive offer right now in which you can get a 3.5% bonus added to your refund when you choose to put it on an Amazon gift card. 

Best H&R Block deals available now

For parents and employees keeping it simple, H&R Block Basic is a solid choice. This version doesn’t include a state tax return, so you’ll need to pay extra to add it on. The download has been discounted to $15 from Amazon for a while now, so don’t settle for paying any more than that. Both Mac and PC downloads are discounted, just make sure to select the right one when checking out.

The most popular of H&R Block’s lineup, Deluxe + State is ideal for investors and those looking to maximize their deductions. Usually, it costs at least $33 if not more, so this discount to $28 from Amazon is a solid deal. Both Mac and PC versions are included in the sale.

If you’re self-employed or a rental property owner, H&R Block Premium is a good option to get help filing those forms of income. Of the H&R Block lineup, it’s the cheapest option that can also account for your 1099 tax form. It can cost upwards of $50 throughout the year, so this is an excellent deal to snag during tax season. Both Mac and PC versions are on sale.

Premium & Business H&R Block is meant for the small business owner who needs assistance with business expense reporting. It typically will cost you at least $65, making this drop to $40 an excellent deal. Only the PC version is available discounted at this time.