July 21, 2024


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Common online threats that all businesses face

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A huge amount of business is now conducted online, this could be because of remote working, holding conferences with people in faraway locations, online marketing or getting sales online. A WiFi connection and working computer have never been more important. Because of this reliance on technology, it means that businesses are more at risk of cyber-attacks than they have ever been.

How can you protect your business against cyber attacks?

There is plenty of software available to protect your company. You should research the different software available and find which is most applicable to your organization. For instance, if you are often sharing files that contain sensitive data, then you should consider enlisting the help of GoAnywhere. GoAnywhere has an SFTP server for file transfers that will allow you to securely exchange files within your company, with access requiring a password and SSH key authentication.

What threats do businesses face?

There are a variety of online threats that businesses face which include but are not limited to:


If you are not familiar with Malware, then it is an abbreviated form of “malicious software.” This is software that is unwanted but that has been installed onto your computer without your consent. It is specifically designed as a means to gain access to your computer and the data stored within it without your consent.

There are a lot of factors that can make computers susceptible to different types of malware attacks. These include things like defects in the operating system design, if computers on a network are running the same OS and too many users are giving permissions to unknown entities. Staff training is a good way to ensure you are not clicking on malware, as well as stalling high-security software.


There are a lot of criminals who try to take advantage of people’s heightened interest in technology, such as black hat hackers. They will use malevolent programs on a computer and then utilize the internet as a means to commit illegal activity. They will attempt to gain access to computers illegally and steal / leak data as a result.

There are laws out there that pertain specifically to cybercrime that continue to evolve across the country. There are also law enforcement agencies that are continually challenged when it comes to finding, arresting and charging different cybercriminals.


Phishing is known to commonly target businesses. It is an online identity theft that uses emails or fraudulent websites as a means to steal data and get access to information such as credit card details, passwords, account data and other types of information. Attackers are getting very good at mimicking emails so that they appear legitimate. Therefore, it is always important to check from the alleged source of the email to ensure that it is legitimate and not a scam.