October 4, 2023


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CompassData Inc. – Accurate Geospatial Solutions Provider

If you are looking for custom geospatial solutions, CompassData Inc. could be the right company for you. Located in Denver, CO, CompassData is a Woman-Owned Small Business. The company has vast experience in aerial imagery, satellite, and mobile mapping. Listed below are some of the services it offers.

Providing high-accuracy product solutions

CompassData specializes in gathering ground control points, aerial photography, geospatial data sets, and processing and verification. Their archive includes over 60,000 GCPs from about 100 countries, including 1,000 airports. Their data sets are used by the leading players in the remote sensing community for producing and QAing data. To learn more, visit the company’s website.

Using a new ground control point

GCPs, or ground control points, are known features of orthorectified imagery. They allow you to measure these features to determine their accurate location on Earth. These features can be anything from the sidewalk corner to the structure location. In some cases, GCPs can be used to calculate the elevation, depth, and other information needed for a project. Using GCPs in the geospatial analysis allows you to do this without the burden of acquiring and processing data from the field.

Experts in the custom geospatial solutions

Whether you are looking for a geospatial survey or a complete custom map project, CompassData Inc. has you covered. From geodetic surveys to aerial imagery, they have what you need. Whether you’re looking for geodetic survey products, services, or some expert advice, they can help you out. With their extensive experience, they know what you need and how to provide it.

Whether you’re looking for a detailed map of an area, a high-resolution 3D model, or a map of the entire country, we have the custom geospatial solution you need. CompassData’s expertise in mapping services helps you make the right decisions for your business. Their data scientists and engineers work with clients to understand the most effective solutions. They also provide geospatial software for businesses and governments.

Provide UAS Mapping and Inspection

CompassData Inc. provides UAS mapping and inspection services for the construction, engineering, and government sectors. The UAS technology has made it possible to conduct aerial mapping and inspections of linear structures, high elevations, and complex terrains. Moreover, it can help companies with disaster recovery and reconstruction efforts. You can also use UAVs to survey areas affected by natural disasters, crumbling structures, and high locations. Typically, surveying jobs involve observing linear establishments.

Several companies are using UAS technology to do surveys. These companies provide UAS mapping and inspection services to assess risk and manage infrastructures. In the past, SRP has integrated the use of UAS technology for their inspections. However, many more are joining this growing trend. The UAS has a great future. CompassData is an excellent option for companies that are interested in exploring this new technology.

Provide drones for ground control points service

If you are interested in aerial mapping, drone ground control points are a necessary component of precision mapping. The use of ground control points ensures the accuracy of GPS coordinates. You can use precision mapping for various purposes, including construction, surveying, virtual design, and construction. CompassData, Inc. is a geospatial technology company that provides aerial data and services. The company has an extensive database of over 50,000 GCPs in over 100 countries.

Accuracy and precision

Drone mapping requires accuracy and precision. Various tools are used for this purpose, including ground control points. CompassData Inc. offers these services to help drone owners and operators access high-quality aerial data. The company’s mission is to help clients make informed decisions based on accurate aerial data. These services are available at competitive prices.