March 5, 2024


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Creating and Displaying Your Own Custom Bobblehead Dolls

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So, you have decided that it is time for you to give your custom bobblehead dolls a unique twist by giving them a personalized look. There are so many things to think about when customizing your dolls. First thing to consider is if your are ordering them online or from a store, how long it will take to process, package and get a personalized bobbleheads doll order delivered to your door. This depends solely on your Order Time as well as the Shipping Method that you choose during checkout.

Fast Shipping – Pre-made Bobbleheads usually takes three to seven business days (depending on where you live) from the time they are placed in the store till you receive them in the mail. Most stores can expedite your order by an additional charge. Some will even do this for free with your order. You should always check with each store to see if this is possible. Standard Shipping Time – If your shipping time is fast, this is good because this means your custom bobblehead dolls will arrive in a short amount of time.

Proofing Process – After your custom bobblehead dolls have arrived in the mail, the next step is to proof them first. This is usually done by sending your pre-made dolls to a manufacturer that specializes in custom bobblehead sculpting. The manufacturer will then create your bobbleheads based upon the design specs that you supplied them with.

Once your custom bobblehead is proofed, it is time to begin the actual production process. This is usually where the time-consuming and costly parts of the custom bobblehead creation process start. This includes molds that are crafted from metal to look like a car or other commonly found object. Plastic moldings and other materials need to be created to properly model your custom bobbleheads.

There are also other specialized sculpting processes that you may find useful. For example, there are clay molds and other materials that are used to bend on objects to create the shapes of custom bobblehead dolls. This is helpful when you want to create unique designs. Plastic injection molding can also be used to create a mold of any other material that you would like.

The final step in the sculpting process is creating your custom bobblehead dolls. This is where your artistic talent shines through. Your sculpting abilities are needed in order to sculpt your dolls to exact details. All the tiny details, such as hair styles, clothing, accessories, the lips and even the wrinkles can be sculpted to perfection. Once you are finished sculpting your dolls, then they will be ready for assembly. This assembly process is done by either an inkjet printer or Crayon laser printer.