June 14, 2024


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‘Epic’ Room Filled With Cat Wall Shelves Stuns Internet: ‘Best Human Ever’


A “cat paradise” living room, full of trees, shelves and toys for felines, has gone viral on the internet—inspiring other kitty owners to do the same.

The cat daddy shared a video of his living room on TikTok, showing his Bengali cats enjoying all their furniture and toys. In the video he says: “show me something that you spent way too much money on but don’t regret it at all because it’s freaking sick, I’ll go first!” The post has so far reached over 110,500 likes, 1,042 comments and 17,200 reshares.

The room features a set of cat trees, including one high enough to touch the ceiling, loads of wall mounted shelves, a whole set of scratch posts and zero human furniture whatsoever.

According to a recent report from Future Market Insights, about 50% of US households with indoor cats have at least one piece of cat furniture, and a replacement is usually purchased roughly every 5 years.

According to research from Data Bridge, the cat furniture and cat scratchers market will reach an estimated value of $1.15bn by 2028.

Most users loved the idea and shared their praises. A user, who goes by the username Two Crazy Cat Ladies, said: YAAAAAAAAS!!! This is EPIC!!” Lisa Piner added: “My cats said you understood the assignment.” User216446247933 wrote: “the ultimate “the floor is lava” setup.”

“My cats cannot see this ! Love it” said kimhernandez916.

Anelia Hutson commented: “You are the best human ever. Cats deserve everything! If I wasn’t a kid I would get a room for my 3 cats. My parents will only let me have a cat tree.” “The cats own that house. The humans don’t even have furniture. Lol” said lyna_garries. Mo_Mountain_Mutts added: “I tell my cat I’ll buy him a house someday so I can do this for him, and a catio too.”

Fiona Simpson asked: “Do any humans live in this house? No human furniture.” Galwhoputsherselfinfilms commented: “CAT PARADISE.”

Other users pointed out that it must take a certain amount of money to be able to afford a whole room full of expensive cat toys. Mătuşa Goa said: “Can’t wait to get rich and do this for my cat.” Gillian Ingram answered with a solution: “You can build it up in stages.” Steph added: “Can’t wait to get rich and do this for my cat, and still get ignored and rejected by him.”

Showmeyourpets said: “love it! this is cat house goals for me. my cats have their own wall but not nearly as many pieces!”

Other users pointed out that when a cat has such a place to play and scratch it will stop scratching your furniture. Jessica Talbot Jacks said: “This is awesome! bet they don’t claw your furniture [because] they have this!” Although Eden Eubanks-Carr answered: “Yeah…mine have 5 cat trees and they still claw my furniture. They give no f***s.”

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cat on tree
A cat owner has been praised online for creating a “cat paradise” full of cat trees fur his furry babies. A stock image shows a cat sitting on a cat tree
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