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Greenfly | Digital Media Distribution & Management Software

The Greenfly digital media software forum is a cloud-based, short-form media control center. The platform is a private collaboration network that facilitates organizations to share digital content with individuals, groups, and external partners. It designates teams to collect mountains of digital content from just about any basis (especially live events) and UGC from consumers and fans. Its automated workflow passages digital assets to shareable galleries for allocation to groups of any size.

●    Increase income by creating and distributing original content perfect for transferring on social media.

●    Share galleries of your most recent, brand-approved media.

●    Mobile app users can quickly post content on 10+ social networks from their phones.

●    Distribute pre-created social posts, and app users can personalize and share on their social accounts in 2 taps.

●    Message and share files personally and securely with proponent groups.

●    Track promoter activities and understand who’s making the most significant influence on social media.

The authentic, original videos and photos are more engaging when compared to slick, agency-produced content used for brand advertisements.

●    Authentic, “raw” images and videos are more popular than TV for Gen-Z and younger audiences.

●    Co-create high-quality photos and videos with your boosters to reduce agency costs.

●    Collect original, specific media from your advocates and UGC from customers.

●    Develop high-quality, purpose-created content from brand ambassadors and clients.

●    All content contains the complete royalty-free transfer of media rights.

Turn Advocates Into Advocates

Your supporters are the human face of your brand on digital channelers. Greenfly helps you encourage influencers and micro-influencers to tell your brand’s story in their voice, and their trusted private approvals will increase brand reach, awareness, and trust.

Build Brand Value and Increase Remuneration

Distributing photos and videos to your army of supporters empowers them to advise, promote and advertise on your behalf. They’re applying brand love to your organization.

Social media has recently driven organizational communication, collaboration, and decision-making. This article focuses first on the widespread usage of social media and how it has provided businesses with platforms to collaborate and communicate virtually. 

Digital media has provided organizations with opportunities for managing customer relationships, innovation, improved operations within the organization, and leadership. It has revolutionized internal communications, collaboration, and decision-making in organizations and has had a vast impact on almost all aspects of life. 

Greenfly has been powering sports, media, and entertainment brands since 2014 and has been named one of the fastest-growing institutions in California by Inc. magazine. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Greenfly is a global organization that serves some of the world’s most notable sports, TV, and consumer brands.

The Greenfly cloud-based software platform and mobile app automate the collection, organization, and distribution of short-form videos and photos to share original, authentic images and short videos with everyone that wants to share them on social media.

Greenfly is working with the world’s most significant leagues, helping them reach fans in many ways by leveraging digital channels. These customers include Major League Baseball, the NBA, NHL, the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga, UEFA, World Surf League, Premier Lacrosse League, World Rugby, and dozens more. It’s unique for a startup company to be able to support the needs of the top 9 of the 10 most significant leagues in the world.

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