April 24, 2024


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How to Measure Front End Website Performance and its Techniques

How to Measure Front-end Website Performance - Hongkiat

In modern businesses, technology has given a big impact in boosting the advertisement of companies as well as their need to be recognized by suitable audiences. One of the platforms that can help businesses grow is building a company website where information and details of the products and services are shown for the purpose of educating people about the company. That’s why it is important to make an engaging website to be able to attract the proper group of audiences, the ones that can be future clients of the company. A lot of strategies and techniques have been developed by IT specialists to be able to boost websites and one of these is front end website performance. When we say front end this refers to the appearance of your website, it focuses on converting data to a graphic interface so viewers can interact using that data. 

Checklist on How to Measure Front End Performance

Know Your Audience Number 

When doing front-end optimization monitoring the numbers of audiences that visit your website is essential in measuring website performance improvement. Analytics tools are used to be able to count the viewers on your websites on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. By being able to know the numbers you will know if your audience is growing or not. Pay attention to the returning users, because this means that they are interested in your products or services and they can be your future customers. 

Evaluate the Sources of your Audience Traffic 

Monitoring the sources of your audiences can help know if your front-end optimization is working. Analytic tools can determine the audience’s location, interest, and demographics. Getting this info can let you know who among your audiences are potential clients or customers. 

Session Time and Bounce Rate Should Also be Monitored

You can also measure the length of time your viewers stay on your page, the longer the time the more probability of getting a result in the long run from these viewers. Having a user-friendly front-end website can attract more audiences, aside from being attractive to viewers, it can also make them stay longer because they can navigate it easily. 

Conversion Rates Should be Measured 

Check on the activities of your audience when they are visiting your websites. What are the areas they usually visit and what interests them the most? Know what activities make them more engaged. Focus on these activities and make it more available for audiences to get a higher website performance. 

Checks on Profit and ROI

Since companies are spending on web performance optimization, they have to measure if they are spending more than gaining more. If this happens then it’s not effective but if they are earning from it then it is a good sign that optimization techniques are indeed worth it. 

Techniques on Front-end Optimization

File Compression 

Compressing your files can make your website contents easy and light to manage. There are compression methods that can be used to make this possible. Use them to your advantage and select the best one. Select one that can shrink audio, images, and other big data files since these are the ones that consume a lot of data which can slow down your website when loading and opening files. 

Image Optimization

Since images are used on the front end of websites, high-resolution images can make your website good in appearance but can jam the enter website function. Deleting data on photos that are not necessary will be a good way to make the megabytes of the image lower. Therefore it can help lessen the data use and can make the loading faster. 

Choose Minimalistic Framework 

USe frameworks that can cater to the basic features you want in a website rather than opting for a larger framework that contains features you won’t actually be needing. Having a minimalistic framework can help you in enhancing your performance techniques. 

Measuring website performance and using techniques to optimize your website can be a good start to get more audience targets. After all, to get profit, a company needs clients and customers to make their sales grow. Invest in good tools and make them work for you. Make your front end website performance increase by using the right tools and techniques.