June 14, 2024


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How To Use Utilize an Emergency Contact On My Mobile Phone

How To Set Up Emergency Contact Info on Your Phone - The Online Mom

Accidents can happen at any time, so it is important that a first responder, hospital, or police officer know who to contact. Therefore, be sure to enter all phone numbers (home, mobile, and work) of your ICE emergency contacts, as well as their email addresses. 

Just scroll down to the letter “I” in the phone contact list, then list the emergency ICE contact with the word ICE before their name. To make sure you have ICE emergency contact information on your phone, you can put a sticker on your phone to let everyone know. Add contacts under ICE under “emergency” so that if someone finds your phone they can contact your next of kin in an emergency. 

Before cell phones became smartphones, many people used to create an ICE (in case of emergency) contact on their phone. However, it caused a lot of problems because the information was useless unless the phone was unlocked. Today, when it is time to access your ICE, responders can bypass your password and hit “emergency call” to contact your ICE.

Using phones, people can exchange information, receive instructions, call emergency services and ask for help. Mobile phones keep us in touch with the world and provide a lifeline for emergency care. If you need help accessing affordable mobile cell service, you can contact lifeline phone providers Oklahoma-based.