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iHackGaming Releases The Best iGaming and Sports Prediction Software – Press Release

April 12, 2021 – Midvalley City, KL – Business Intelligence Company ‘iHackGaming’ invents new technology for followers of this gaming and sporting world. The brand’s new software, which is able to predict baccarat results and next sports match outcomes have been developed to positively impact society especially in the reduction of online gambling – a core objective of the iHackGaming brand.

This innovative software by iHackGaming would maximize Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics, machine learning, and data science to pre-determine results and outcomes, thereby, helping users make the right call for the upcoming sports and game fixtures. iHackGaming spokesperson, Tony speaking about this said that the company’s A.I Baccarat Analytic Software provides the needed strategy to win.

“The Baccarat game is quite easy to beat. Although, you must have a proven strategy to beat the online casino company. The house side makes you feel confused sometimes but that is not true, you just need a proven system to work. So just work with A.I. Baccarat Analytic Software.”

Speaking about the Sports Prediction Analytic Software, Tony explained that the software offers top live tips that increase users winning chances.

Using the Sports Analytic Software, users get recommended football tips with details of where they can get each football bet at the best price to ensure they are maximizing their potential winnings. With the software, they also get new betting previews every day on every major match and tournament around the world, with each matchday covered in detail.” – Tony, iHackGaming Spokesperson

The negatives of the sporting and gaming world – mostly with online gambling, which has seen many companies enter the market to take advantage of the naïve players and followers is something that iHackGaming would like to tackle with its new invention. Discussing how the iHackGaming Sports & Baccarat Analytic Software works, company spokesperson – ‘Tony’ explained that the software guarantees an almost perfect prediction.

iHackGaming Sports & Baccarat Analytic Software penetrates directly into the Sa Gaming, AE Casino, Dream Gaming system, allowing you to use it to make real money up to 80-99% authentic and high precisioning.” – Tony, iHackGaming Spokesperson

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