June 15, 2024


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Internet Slams Woman for Not Letting Cousin’s Fiancée Come To Wedding


The internet has slammed a bride-to-be as she told her cousin that his fiancée wasn’t invited to her wedding.

Using a throwaway account, u/TAplusonedrama shared their situation with Reddit’s popular “AmITheA**hole” forum. She believes she might be the a**hole for not inviting her cousin’s fiancée due to her “no plus ones” rule. The Reddit post has over 9,000 upvotes and 3,000 comments.

The Redditor and her fiancé are only allowing plus ones to their wedding when they are either already friends with the couple, or people that the couple’s met and would “have a meal with.”

“That also excludes long term relationships, engaged couple and married couples as well. We know it might seem harsh but those are the rules we’ve decided to set so we can be more comfortable. It has nothing to do with budget or venue capacity. Purely our choice,” she wrote.

Generally, fewer than 200 guests are invited to a wedding, according to Brides.com. The average guest count, as of 2021, is 167.

Bride Frustrated
The internet has slammed a woman in Reddit’s “AmITheA**hole” forum who didn’t invite her cousin’s fiancée to her wedding due to her “no plus ones” rule.
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When guests found out about the rule, many declined their invitation. She explains how one of her cousins was upset that his fiancée of one year was not invited. Her reasoning was that she would “not be friends with her” and her fiancé hasn’t met her.

“I told my cousin how heartbroken I am that he will not come to the wedding due to this and I expressed my distaste for the fact that he can’t be away from his fiancée for few hours to honor me and my fiancé. Couples don’t have to be together the whole time. Then he basically told me I’m being extremely disrespectful and a huge AH,” she wrote.

She described the conversation that she had with him telling her how he was supposed to “honor” her special day after she disrespected his fiancée by not inviting her. She reiterated that it was her wedding, which meant her rules.

The “AmITheA**hole” community took to the comments—and they did not side with the bride-to-be.

“YTA – for guilt tripping your cousin and anyone else you try to pull this s**t with,” u/p***ingoffpeople wrote in the top comment, receiving 30,000 upvotes, “Your wedding, your rules, BUT people are allowed to not attend for not liking your rules. Suck it up.”

“Only OP (original poster) appears to be able to have rules. The cousin’s rule is to not attend weddings where he can’t bring his fiance, which I find to be totally reasonable. OP doesn’t believe others are allowed to be upset with her rules but she is allowed to be upset with other’s rules,” u/HeyZuesHChrist replied to the popular comment.

U/MaroonFahrenheit questioned, “You want people to come celebrate your marriage and your relationship by asking them to leave their spouse or long term partner at home?”

They continued: “You are misusing the word plus one. That is intended for truly single people. Established couples are to be treated as a unit. Sure. Your wedding and your rules and all that bulls***, but if you create bulls*** rules like this you have to expect people to decline. If I had a relative tell me my spouse wasn’t invited because circumstances hadn’t allowed the two of them to meet yet, I’d decline, too.”

“YTA for insisting he come. Your rules don’t matter, you get to invite (or not invite) whoever you want. But he has the option to decline the invitation,” u/devlin94 said.


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