May 20, 2024


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Is GTA Online down? Here’s how to check GTA server status

Even if you can’t wait to get on GTA Online, there will be times where you won’t be able to log in. When the servers are down, players often receive errors while trying to launch GTA Online, preventing them from hopping into the action.

Servers can go down for various reasons. A new patch may attract new and existing players, and the increased number of players may cause servers to act up. When that’s the case, online players will be kicked out of the game while other players won’t be able to log in. This can be a lot to take in, especially if you were dreaming of playing GTA Online the whole day—but there will only be so much you can do.

If the servers are down, no troubleshooting method will work to get you back into GTA Online. Before trying out any fixes for your login problems, you should check whether GTA Online’s are online. You’ll have no choice but to wait for them to go back online when they’re offline, but you may need to take matters into your own hands if you still can’t log into the game if the servers are online.

Here’s how you can check GTA Online’s server status.

Check the official Rockstar Games server status page

Rockstar Games has a dedicated website where players can check the server status of all of its titles. From Red Dead Online to GTA Online, you’ll be able to make sure all systems are operational on Rockstar’s end.

Normally, everything should run smoothly if you see nothing but green circles that indicate servers are up. If you see a red circle next to your platform, however, it’ll mean the servers are currently down, and you’ll need to wait for Rockstar to fix the servers before you can get into GTA Online.

Social Club and Rockstar Games Launcher going down can also prevent players from logging into GTA Online. If the game servers have green circles next to them while Social Club and Rockstar Games are red, you may not be able to launch GTA Online. You’ll also need to wait for a fix in this case as well.

Pay a visit to community hubs

The official server status website is often fast when it comes to picking up any shortages, but it may also take a while for it to notice outages.

Community members are often the fastest to respond to any error or bug that may prevent them from logging into GTA Online. Most will look forward to seeing if other players are experiencing the same, so if there are a couple of threads reporting errors and the servers still have green circles next to them, you’ll know that the community was faster to report an outage.

These players generally flood into community hubs like Reddit or Twitter. If a majority of the player base is reporting outages, chances are the servers will be down and you’ll need to wait for Rockstar to roll out a fix.

You can also check out Downdetector since it relies on community feedback to detect outages and widespread errors.

What if the servers are up and you still can’t get into GTA Online?

Screengrab via Rockstar

If the servers are up but you still can’t log into GTA Online, it may be time to troubleshoot your home network. A connection bug that may have appeared due to your internet service provider (ISP) can prevent you from logging into GTA Online, and there are a few ways you can try out to resolve the issue manually.

Reset your router 

Resetting your router will be one of the easiest ways to troubleshoot your home network. Doing so can assign you a different path between you and your ISP. If the previous route had any hiccups while trying to connect to GTA Online’s servers, the new one might be able to fix it.

While resetting your router, you should also restart your gaming device during the process. Following the same procedure for your PC or console will allow you to troubleshoot any software bugs, and doing these simultaneously will be time efficient.

Try out an alternative connection

If resetting your router wasn’t enough to get you back into the game, try out an alternative connection to see if it makes a difference.

Your mobile phone’s cellular data can come in handy during this process since you can easily share it with your console or PC through the mobile hotspot feature. Share your phone’s internet connection with your gaming device and use it instead of your home network. 

If you can log into GTA Online with a mobile connection, you should give your ISP a call and see if they can detect any errors on their end regarding your home connection.

Contact Rockstar Games’ customer support

In cases where troubleshooting your home network isn’t enough, you’ll need to bring in the big guns. With the servers up and your home network operating fine, only Rockstar Games will have resources to determine why you aren’t able to log in to GTA Online.

Include all the troubleshooting steps you’ve tried so far in your ticket and provide as many details as possible. A support associate should look into your case and check whether you’re having a regional problem, or if there are other methods you can try to fix this error.

You should get a reply back within a few business days, but your results may vary depending on the time of the year.