May 23, 2024


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Leaked Game Mode Could Be A Major Disappointment


  • “The Sims 5” is one of the most awaited titles from EA
  • Rumors about the next “The Sims” iteration have been rife online over the years
  • Leaks claim “The Sims 5” is in development but devs are still tight-lipped about it

A new set of leaks about “The Sims 5”, suggesting the next iteration to the popular life simulation title would feature multiplayer competitive or online mode, disappoints a lot of fans.

New EA job listings, spotted by Sims Community, hinted that “The Sims 5” might feature an online or multiplayer competitive mode. The job listing is looking for three Backend Software Engineer positions for EA Redwood, EA Canada and EA Austin for an “upcoming ‘Sims’ game.” 

The company wants “software engineers who are capable of developing massively scalable and reliable web services that will support millions of players, as well as other responsibilities during the game’s development.” The job description seemingly suggests that EA is planning to introduce a multiplayer mode in the next “The Sims” title.  

'The Sims 5' Could Arrive Sooner Based On This EA Announcement ‘The Sims 5’ Could Arrive Sooner Based On This EA Announcement Photo: Jonathan Elliott

Additionally, it states that EA is looking for engineers with the ability to “develop responsive, resilient, massively scalable, and globally available web services that support millions of players.” Another possible hint of competitive mode in the game is that the successful engineer would be able to “creatively blend security best practices and original techniques to keep user data secure and prevent cheating.” 

Game developers and video game companies continue to fight against cheating in their competitive, multiplayer and online titles. In one of the job listings’ summary, it states that the successful applicant will have to “work with multiple designers, producers, and client engineers prototyping and shipping features that expand the gameplay possibilities of The Sims.”

While this could be frustrating to some fans of “The Sims 5,” apparently, this is not the first time the term competitive features have been mentioned. In the early part of 2020, EA CEO Andrew Wilson mentioned that they are thinking about bringing competitive features to the next “Sims” title. Apparently, this statement might be inspired by the features of “The SimsOnline,” a game the company launched in December 2002. 

Unfortunately, the latest leak about “The Sims 5” disappointed a lot of fans who shared their frustrations on Twitter.

It is worth noting that nowhere in the job listings was “The Sims 5” mentioned. EA might be looking for these engineers for another “The Sims” project. In the absence of official confirmation from EA or Maxis, fans should temper their expectations and take this latest leak with a good amount of salt.