June 14, 2024


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Learn programming skills and development methodologies with this $19 bundle



Pursuing a career in software once required job candidates to go to college, but it can be much more straightforward than you might imagine in 2022. Total novices can teach themselves how to create software and land a job in the tech industry using online resources. The Software Development Processes Bootcamp Bundle has resources to help for $19.

All four courses in this bundle are offered by Coding Gears, which has extensive experience with both online and onsite classes. It specializes in self-paced content that makes learning technical skills easy. Best of all, they don’t just teach you how to program and leave it at that. Instead, you’ll learn how to do your job more effectively and understand the entire software development cycle.

No tech background? Start with “Programming Fundamentals for Non-Programmers.” It begins by teaching programming concepts in plain English, with no coding. Then it moves on to one of the most accessible languages, Python, with a step-by-step guide that provides hands-on training. The 26 lectures spread across two hours of content will provide you with a solid programming foundation. Then, you can get an idea of what to expect on the job with “Software Development Processes (SDLC Models),” which covers the software development life cycle in-depth.

Knowing how to develop software isn’t enough to land a job in the field. You also need to know how teams operate. “Agile Fundamentals” will teach you how the Agile methodology works and its principles, advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the course covers Agile methods such as SCRUM.

Then you can dive deeper into development methodology with “Extreme Programming Fundamentals,” which shows you how to ensure code remains at the highest quality. Developers are encouraged to work in pairs, constantly sharing feedback. This course provides an overview of XP, including rules, practices, workflows, when to use it and more.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to learn software programming and the entire development lifecycle. Get the Software Development Processes Bootcamp Bundle today while it’s on sale for just $19.