July 21, 2024


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Man designs computer programme to help ‘indecisive’ girlfriend pick restaurant to eat at

For their one-year anniversary, a software engineer designed and built a computer programme for his ‘indecisive’ girlfriend to help her choose a restaurant to have dinner at

Christine and Aagam
Christine and Aagam

It’s no choice that having too much choice can be crippling, how do you know you’re making the right decision? Is there even a right decision?

You see what I mean…

And one thing that can be difficult to pick is where to eat at, as there’s so much food out there – different cuisines, hot, cold, sweet, savoury.

Christine Sun knows this feeling all too well and admits she spends too long trying to decide where she and her partner Aagam Badecha will go out for dinner.

The 21-year-old from New York, says she can spend up to an hour looking at restaurants online before finally settling on somewhere to eat.

The couple’s one-year anniversary occurred recently and as a surprise for his love, Aagam, a software engineer gifted the law student something that would make selecting a restaurant so much easier.

He gifted her the computer programme for their one-year anniversary


Kennedy News and Media)

Using his coding skills, the 21-year-old built a new computer program from scratch that would allow Christine to randomly select places to eat.

Now when it comes time for dinner, the duo can select a venue within ’10 seconds’ using the ingenious creation, which Christine claims her partner will struggle to top as a present.

Christine, originally from Orange County, in California, US, said: “I’m always indecisive when we want to eat. He always asks me and I say ‘oh, I don’t know. I’ll have anything’.

“We always struggle searching online for an hour to find somewhere to eat. He created this program so that when he asks, it’s just 10 seconds and we know where to go.

“When he showed me what he’d made I loved it. He was saying he had trouble coming up with something creative, so I really appreciated it.

“In his own way, he’s been very romantic. He’s quite a romantic person generally.”

Christine using the software


Kennedy News and Media)

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The couple met through a mutual friend in their home state of California and when Aagam visits Christine in New York, he claims they regularly ‘do this little dance’ trying to figure out where to eat.

Christine continued: “It takes the job away from him asking me and it’s easier for both of us.

“Our one year was Tuesday and he gave it to me a few days before.

“He originally tricked me saying he forget our anniversary gift back in California where he’s from. He was like ‘just kidding – do you want to see it’ then showed me his gift early.

“He said ‘I’m going to send you something’ then AirDropped the program to me on my Mac.

“We’d actually made reservations for a Michelin-starred restaurant Dirt Candy in advance of him giving this to me for the night of our anniversary.

“But when we’re trying to choose what to do for lunch we’ve been using it and I’ve had a few friends call saying ‘we can’t decide where to eat. Can we use your thing?’.

“I’ll never forget this. He’ll struggle to top this.”

Aagam humbly claims his impressive feat was ‘just a small, cute gesture’ for Christine and admits giving gifts ‘gets harder each time’ as they’re constantly upping the ante.

He said: “Both of us, whenever we’re trying to decide where to eat, we can never decide.

“I thought why not make something useful for the both of us, but also kind of cute? Maybe we could use this instead of having a hard time figuring out where to eat.

“I actually worked with the Yelp API [Application Programming Interface, which is a connection between computer programs].

“I used their API to grab the top 50 restaurants in whatever category, for example within two miles or Mexican food.

“It’ll choose one then let her cycle through if she doesn’t like the first one.

“I figured ‘what if we want to try something new?’ It’s easy to change your selection. It grabs the 50 top recommendations for whatever category or distance.

“I don’t think I’ll sell this on and make millions – it’s just a small, cute gesture for Christine. That’s what it was meant to be and that’s what it’ll stay like for now.”

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