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New Bethesda Game Redfall Is Getting Help From DOOM Developer id

Bethesda’s new co-op vampire game, Redfall, is getting a helping hand from DOOM developer id Software, likely to lighten developer Arkane’s load.

Bethesda’s next big new IP, Redfall, made a splash at E3 and it looks like DOOM developer id Software is assisting on the project to make sure it lives up to its potential. The studio has a long, iconic history in the industry as one of the pioneers of the FPS genre and has managed to maintain its reputation with its soft reboot of the DOOM series over the last few years.

Redfall closed the Xbox E3 showcase and although there were some slight rumblings of its existence prior to its reveal, this is where it was officially revealed on a large scale. The game is developer Arkane’s next title after its upcoming Dishonored-like game, Deathloop, and will likely evoke some comparisons to Left 4 Dead except with vampires. No gameplay has been shown for the game, but there’s a lot of hype surrounding it already, so Arkane is getting some help to make sure it all comes together smoothly.

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A LinkedIn resume for id Software animator Jeff Senita (via Twitter user bogorad222) notes that the developer is assisting on Redfall. It’s not totally clear what the extent of the collaboration is, but it’s likely just lending a hand to the team as it juggles both this game and its work on DeathloopRedfall is currently slated to release in summer 2022, so it’s a pretty quick turnaround for such a large game from the reveal to release. Given Arkane already has another game on its plate, albeit nearly finished, it’ll likely need as much help as it can get, especially for an online game.

Of course, a glance at Senita’s list of works confirms this isn’t the first non-id Software title the studio has worked on. Games are often a very collaborative effort, especially when they’re not made by independent studios and have an extensive list of resources at their disposal. With Microsoft now owning all Bethesda studios, it’s likely games like Redfall will get even more support from other first-party studios.

Xbox’s E3 showcase managed to wow many with its diverse line-up of upcoming titles, big and small. It’s pretty clear that Xbox’s investments are paying off, especially with games like Redfall. After a generation that somewhat lacked meaningful exclusives, the future looks bright for Xbox and should bring something for everyone. Whether or not id or DOOM’s influence will be obvious in the game remains to be seen, but it’s unlikely it’ll be more than simple support work done to help out Arkane.

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Source: Jeff Senita/LinkedIn (via bogorad222/Twitter)

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