May 19, 2024


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Online retailing keeps paying benefits for Asbury Automotive

“The longtime metric in our industry is that the average salesperson sells eight vehicles per month. Imagine enabling them to [sell] 16 to 20,” Maric explained, “then you reduce turnover by having them make a really good living, and in turn, they become really [focused on] guest experience, giving that type of experience to a consumer and then fulfilling their order online.”Maric said the transformation that Clicklane has engendered at Asbury has already shown dramatic results, though the complexities of automotive retailing mean that developing the software for Clicklane was a messy, multiyear effort that involved embracing mistakes and learning from them.

“We don’t just want the perception of online sales, we actually want online sales. It’s not a popular or easy approach. It’s going to require some bumps and bruises,” Maric said.

“If it takes three hours to sell a vehicle completely inside the showroom, there’s no one in here that would sign up for that,” Maric said. “I guarantee you that if you could do it from your couch, if you can do it in a way that we can sign documents online, really get the aspects that you wanted in that vehicle transaction, you can do all the things that you need.”