June 14, 2024


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Online Teaching – School of Public Health and Health Professions

This Online Education Course Design Recommendations guide is available for download to aid faculty in delivering high-quality online courses.

A consistent look and feel between all SPHHP online coursework is helpful for students because they will know what to expect and where to find all course materials.  It’s also helpful for faculty because course management is easier when everything’s uniform.

Here’s a brief document outlining how to organize your UBlearns course site.

Use the guide below for information on increasing the accessibility of your course content, tips on moving seated courses to online formats, and a recommended style guide to set up an online course and use UBlearns for online content.

Use the instructional template below to guide your development of a syllabus for courses delivered online, or in a hybrid format (a mix of online and seated activities).

Download the blank template to create your online or hybrid course syllabus.

CEI now offers faculty consultations, or one-on-one sessions with CEI designers to address teaching challenges, discuss pedagogical strategies, refresh or design online course content, and connect with faculty in the growing teaching community at UB.