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Optify Launches New Optical Omni Channel eCommerce & Marketing Platform for Prescription Frames & Lenses | News

SAN DIEGO, March 20, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — With marketplaces changing for all industries, and customer needs shifting increasingly online, Optify introduces the world’s most comprehensive e-commerce software designed specifically with Optometrists in mind.

While there are over 30,000 Optometrists in the United States, and it remains a successful profession, many practices are unable to capitalize on in-person sales — especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic. With 40% of optometry practices’ incomes attributed to frames and lenses, a lack of online presence can be detrimental to business. As direct-to-consumer online brands continue to thrive, optometrists risk being left behind without the opportunity to market themselves and modernize to the changing needs of consumers. However, direct-to-consumer eyewear brands often fall short without the convenience of a local brick and mortar location, in network vision insurance benefits, and eye exams. Consumers have begun to expect an omni-channel shopping experience.

Optify’s software allows optometrists to thrive in the digital age. Optify provides the tools for practices to sell their inventory – under their own brand – and maintain patient relationships. From highly targeted marketing to the most qualified patients; to home and in-office try-ons to find the perfect pair of frames; to a patented photo measurement system that captures PD, SEG and OC, Optify’s software capitalizes on the services only optometrists can provide.

Co-founded by three professionals (Dave Barton, Wes Goddard, Nick Giancola), Optify brings together a variety of perspectives and decades of experience in both the eyewear and digital marketplace industries. As the founder of davidkind.com, Barton (CEO) has years of experience with both direct-to-consumer eyewear online selling and the traditional retail model — and understands the trials optometrists might face when seeking to sell inventory online.

“We wanted to create a digital hub where patients could interact with their optometry practice, in a way that they haven’t been able to in the past. By utilizing Optify in its fullest expression, optometrists can connect with their patients — not just for yearly prescription maintenance, but also to interact with the frame collections they sell. Optify helps change the patient’s digital experience from medical to shopping.”

What makes Optify stand out, and is unique as a service for its clients, is the accessibility and specificity of its design. “Since eyewear is a completely customized product for each individual patient, programs like Shopify don’t work for many brands or practices — without tens of thousands of dollars of custom coding and additional plugins resulting in only a fraction of what we offer. With Optify, we’ve combined the online storefront capabilities of multi-million dollar proven optical specific eCommerce platform, along with the marketing automations learned from a decade selling frames & lenses online.”

While Optify was in development prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the current global climate exposed an even greater gap in the optometry industry — one that other trades had previously embraced through web development, home try-ons and online ordering. Optify continues to make improvements to its services based on the needs of its clients, their patients and the changing world we all live in.

About Optify

Optify is an e-commerce software designed specifically for optometrists. Intended to be utilized within their practices, Optify’s software allows optometrists to sell their inventory and maintain patient relationships. With marketing tools and accurate photo measurement technology, Optify is HIPAA compliant and allows optometrists to provide in-network insurance to patients. Optify is available now and a demo can be requested here.

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