March 5, 2024


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PointerTop founder Jason Junge fills need in online customer service

PointerTop's software uses multimedia tools to facilitate calls to allow an actual human to determine which can be adequately engaged by a chat bot or needs a real person's attention. Solutions usually come in a few minutes, streamlining time for both sides.

It’s a given that technology makes purchasing nearly every good and procuring a dizzying array of services fast and easy, with only a few finger clicks on a keyboard or smartphone required.

But for all it covered, high-tech expert Jason Junge knew that the e-commerce universe neglected a significant category. And it involved consumers.

“It had all been about automation, how to make it faster, cheaper, easier to sell online … to patronize the self-serving customer who likes to do things themselves,” Junge said. “But they forgot about the population that wants their hand held.”