PRTG software for apple’s ios or Android. Save your time and check your own community while on the go!

Overview tracking information, look at the products and sensors, have wise via push announcements, and perform numerous factors!

To utilize the PRTG software, you will need to install PRTG first.

The way the PRTG applications services

  • The PRTG software hook up to PRTG machines making use of HTTPS or HTTP over VPN in cellular sites or WiFi/WLAN.
  • The PRTG programs offer straightforward Ping to check on server reachability without having to connect to a PRTG machine.
  • Create nearly whatever you may do during the PRTG online user interface: recognize sensors, pause and resume devices, rogacz żona randki set concerns and preferences, instantly browse their circle status, use the pass program, and edit item commentary.
  • Accessibility reports, send the research as PDFs via email, or print these with AirPrint.
  • Furthermore, QR signal checking makes it simple to straight head to a detector or even to include a user accounts for the PRTG applications.


Become versatile

  • Use multiple consumer records and easily change between the two to straight away read keeping track of information various PRTG installments.
  • Log in to PRTG Hosted Monitor via single sign-on (SSO) and add individual profile along with supported personal logins inside the PRTG programs.
  • Determine your own code: the PRTG programs are available in English, German, and Dutch.
  • Check your community on your own wrist: PRTG for iOS supports the Apple see and PRTG for Android os helps various Android os smartwatches.

Obtain the facts

  • The PRTG programs hook up to your PRTG servers, to view your product tree, detector records, sensor information, maps, libraries, and many more. Also showcase object responses and recent logs.
  • The data show immediately adapts towards display dimensions, so you see as much facts as you can instantly.
  • Refresh a webpage by hauling an overseeing item downhill.

Feel informed

  • The PRTG applications can alert you of outages or breached restrictions.
  • The PRTG apps can send instant push announcements to your smart phone’s notice pub. Push notifications incorporate effortlessly in to the notification notion of PRTG and may feel designed into the PRTG web screen.
  • With force announcements, you have the power over just what triggers a notice and just how usually the PRTG programs should look for brand-new alarm systems.
  • Get widget announcements: the PRTG apps poll your PRTG servers for a fast standing search even if you couldn’t clearly beginning your own PRTG application.

Get notified more easily via drive notifications

This free of charge function of PRTG is readily developed and has an entire case of strengths: like an SMS, you may be right away notified whenever one thing pops up. Drive notifications in addition never strain your battery, because just limited the main PRTG software works whenever your program receives a push content.

To send drive notifications, just set up a corresponding notice trigger for your sensors.

For reveal manual on how best to created push notifications, understand Knowledge Base: how can the PRTG affect deliver drive notifications?


These quick training explain to you just how quickly you can handle their PRTG installations with this PRTG applications for iOS or Android os.

PRTG application get

Program criteria

Android version: you will need Android 4.0 or after (or a Kindle flames HD) to install PRTG for Android os. Homes screen widgets can be obtained as of Android 4.1. The QR signal scanner is certainly not available on Kindle Fire HD.

apple’s ios type: You will want iOS 9 or afterwards to install PRTG for apple’s ios.

PRTG machine: The PRTG server your connect with has to be reachable through the network your own product is linked to; either immediately or via a VPN connections. The PRTG server must work PRTG 13 or later on. If you want to configure force announcements, your own PRTG server must operated PRTG 14.4.13 or later on.

Notice: The PRTG applications for iOS or Android carry out at this time not help PRTG group configurations. Should you call for more detailed information or additional support, be sure to call [email safeguarded] .