June 20, 2024


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Software that scans online conversations to gauge consumer sentiment will boost business in Saudi Arabia

As people in the Middle East move towards the online realm for access to goods and services, businesses are embracing digitisation at a massive scale to cater to a rise in demand triggered by lockdowns and later by consumer convenience, as the world zooms ahead towards a new normal. But with rising competition along with the availability of smart tech to stay a step ahead in the game, entrepreneurs of the future are keen on gaining insights on what the consumer needs, in order to introduce innovative services preemptively for client satisfaction.

Customer care mechanisms in the Middle East are now being enhanced by integrating AI into the mix, with chatbots now equipped with the ability to understand emotions of users, so that they can address to specific issues in a more personalised manner. As malls are also empowering brick and mortar stores with algorithms to outsmart e-commerce firms that gain consumer info from social media, businesses in Saudi Arabia now have access to a smart cloud based software, which screens online conversations to know how customers feel.

Designed to improve the experience for clients as well as employees, Medallia’s CX and EX solutions can go through emails, social media, in-app interactions, messages and communication via connected devices, to collect data for understanding preferences of a customer. Along with the cloud service, the consultancy will also be providing a machine learning platform for processing the information seamlessly, so that regular insights can be delivered to businesses in the kingdom.

Firms can also use the software to map their teams, for acting on personalised reports as well as real-time alerts received via AI, thanks to tools available through a few taps on smartphones.

The amount of e-stores in the kingdom has surged during the pandemic, and now that consumers have experienced the convenience of shopping from home, e-commerce clearly has an edge over the traditional marketplace. In such a scenario, data flowing in the virtual realm is the most valuable commodity for businesses that seek to thrive with informed decision making.

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