July 16, 2024


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Speed Digital Partners With NextLot To Provide Better Web Auction Services

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The leading software provider for collector and classic auto dealers has teamed with the industry’s fast growing online auction platform.

Covid forced everyone in the auto industry to reevaluate how business is conducted. Car auctions, which are a huge attraction for both buyers and sellers, had to completely re-evaluate how to keep moving forward, without the in-person element when cities started shutting down last year. There was no time to let off the gas, and many Speed Digital clients, including Motorious, jumped head first into online auctions, and it paid off.

Since the start of the pandemic, offering the online buying option for auto auctions has not only proven to be effective, but it was something everyone clearly wanted as pre-pandemic auction records are being broken nearly every time an auction has been held. With in-person bidding returning in most areas, that hasn’t changed the demand for online bidding, which makes refining the process even more vital than ever – which is where NextLot’s product enters the arena.

NextLot, one of the fastest growing online auction platforms, offers an elevated online auction experience, which Speed Digital is implementing with their clients and motorious.com online auctions. At the benefit of both the collectors and dealers, NextLot offers more control over the system which a car is sold through in an online auction.

Since 2007, NextLot has facilitated the sale of $22 billion worth of lots, and they continue to refine the auction process, offering a superior product for hosting auctions. Sellers are able to run timed and live online auctions, right on their website, of any size. Here are some of the many reasons why Speed Digital is partnering with NextLot to bring superior online auction services to collector car sellers:

Simply put, by using the best online auction services, Speed Digital is fully expecting to see an elevation of ease of use, as well as results.

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