Preparing Your Business For An Uncertain Future

Salvador Ordorica is the CEO of The Spanish Group LLC, a first-class international translation service, that translates over 90 languages.

The world is still reeling from a pandemic that has shocked and upturned the global economy. While some businesses have done well in this current climate, entire industries, such as live events, have been hit hard. Amid this chaos, small-business owners struggle to navigate and overcome the pandemic’s ever-changing hurdles and challenges, as well as the resulting restrictions.

Many owners were wholly unprepared for the requirements of operating during Covid-19. Being forced to dramatically change the way they do business broke the backs of countless enterprises. While some could afford to shift to delivery or outdoor services, many more couldn’t, or it was simply a logistical impossibility.    

If the pandemic has taught small-business owners anything, it is that we never know what challenges or crises might await our

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Sony sees software subscription as future for data-analyzing image sensors

By Makiko Yamazaki and Noriyuki Hirata

TOKYO (Reuters) – Sony Corp’s image sensor business aims to replicate PlayStation’s success to address its reliance on a handful of manufacturers in the fickle smartphone market: It plans to sell software by subscription for data-analyzing sensors in situ.

Transforming the light-converting chips into a platform for software – essentially akin to the PlayStation Plus video games service – amounts to a sea change for the $10 billion business, which built its dominance through hardware breakthroughs.

The effort chimes with Sony’s pursuit of recurring revenue after years of loss in the volatile consumer electronics sector. Success, analysts said, could serve as a rejoinder to activist investor Daniel Loeb’s calls for the business to be spun off.

“We have a solid position in the market for image sensors, which serve as a gateway for imaging data,” said Sony’s Hideki Somemiya, who heads a new team

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