Why Shopify (NYSE:SHOP) Stock Belongs on Your Shopping List

One of the biggest pandemic winners last year was Shopify (NYSE:SHOP), a company that offers a software platform for retailers that helps them set up their stores online.

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This story originally appeared on MarketBeat

One of the biggest pandemic winners last year was Shopify (NYSE:SHOP), a company that offers a software platform for retailers that helps them set up their stores online. The stock rallied over 179% in 2020 thanks to broad shifts in the retail landscape and unprecedented demand for e-commerce. Many investors were wondering whether or not Shopify’s huge 2020 was simply the result of short-term tailwinds, but the company is still maintaining its strong momentum after its recent blowout Q1 earnings report.

While Shopify is certainly not

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UiPath Stock Has Strong Debut, Stock Soars 25% From IPO Price

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UiPath Office

Courtesy UiPath

In one of the biggest software initial public offerings in months,


 went public Wednesday in a deal that values the company at more than $35 billion.

UiPath (ticker: PATH) is one of a handful of startups focused on “robotic process automation,” software that uses artificial intelligence techniques to simplify repetitive tasks. The software has applications across many industries, including financial services, health care, government, retailing, insurance and telecommunications. Other players include the startups Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism;


(MSFT) has also been dabbling in the RPA market.

In the offering, UiPath sold 23.9 million shares at $56 each, raising about $1.3 billion before expenses. The deal priced above the projected range of $52 to $54 a share, opened for trading at $65.50, and as of midday Wednesday was trading for about $70. With about 519 million shares outstanding, the company now

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Why eXp World Holdings Stock Sank 24.6% in March

What happened

Shares of eXp World (NASDAQ:EXPI) slumped 24.6% in March, according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence. The online real estate brokerage and education software company has skyrocketed over the last year, but its stock sold off amid the widespread pullback for tech stocks that hit the market last month.  

EXPI Chart

EXPI data by YCharts

eXp World published its preliminary fourth-quarter results on March 2, and the report appears to have prompted a significant sell-off for the stock. The company published its fourth-quarter and full-year results on March 11, with sales and net income arriving in line with the preliminary figures, but the market responded positively to business updates and guidance.

A magnifying glass over a keyboard key featuring a house icon.

Image source: Getty Images.

So what

eXp World’s revenue rose 122% year over year to hit $609.3 million in the fourth quarter, and net income soared 885% to hit $7.7 million. The tech stock made

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Splunk Stock Could Soar as the Company Builds Up Its Cloud Business

Unusual names are a tradition in Silicon Valley, but


might take the cake. The software firm got its name from spelunking, or the exploration of caves. It’s one way to think about Splunk’s mission: peer into the dark; there are riches within.

Splunk (ticker: SPLK), founded in 2003, mines for nuggets of information within corporate networks—everything from system performance to bugs and errors. The company began by making the data searchable. Over time, it found ways to uncover issues in real time.

Today, Splunk helps customers improve the performance of computing systems, an area the industry calls observability; helps developers write and deploy better software, what software types call DevOps; and provides insights into system security and compliance.

Revenue rose more than 10 times from the January 2013 fiscal year through fiscal 2020, reaching $2.3 billion. On an adjusted, non-GAAP basis, Splunk grew profits to $1.88 a share

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