February 29, 2024


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Tesla Activates In-Car Monitoring to Ensure Drivers Are Paying Attention

A new Tesla software update activates the in-car camera to ensure that drivers are paying attention while driving.

A close-up of a driver sat in a Tesla with the in-car camera monitoring him.

A new software update to all Tesla cars activates the in-car camera above the rearview mirror to ensure that drivers are paying attention while driving. This comes after recent car accidents as a result of drivers misusing the Autopilot feature.

Tesla’s New Update Enables In-Car Monitoring

Tesla’s new software updated enables the in-car camera, to make sure drivers pay attention while driving with Autopilot. Many Tesla drivers spotted the new software update and shared their findings on social media.

The new software update allows the in-car camera (which can be found above the rearview mirror) to monitor drivers using Autopilot. While we don’t know the full details of how Tesla’s software works, what we do know is that the camera will make sure that drivers are paying attention to the road and surroundings while driving with Autopilot turned on.

We have seen a small number of Tesla accidents caused by drivers misusing the Autopilot feature in the past few months, and many more cases without accidents on social media. With the new software update, Tesla can more effectively make sure drivers pay attention while at the wheel–even with the Autopilot feature turned on.

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Drivers have misused the Autopilot feature by not paying attention to the road, and in some cases not even sitting in the driver’s seat. It goes without saying that doing this is incredibly dangerous and should not be attempted; it’s also against the law.

Previously, Tesla used a system which detected pressure on the steering wheel to make sure that drivers pay attention. Seeing as some drivers have found ways to abuse this system, Tesla acted quickly by enabling the in-car camera to prevent the misuse of Autopilot.

How Does Tesla’s In-Car Camera Affect My Privacy?

It’s understandable that some Tesla drivers may be a bit concerned about their privacy–there is a camera that’s now monitoring what you do in your car after all.

However, Tesla made it clear that none of the data leaves the car itself unless data sharing is enabled. In fact, your Tesla can’t even save the data without this feature turned on, let alone transmit it.

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Going further, it’s likely that Tesla’s software only monitors certain aspects of your driving, such as if you’re looking at the road. After all, Tesla employees aren’t interested in watching you eat a drive-thru meal in your car.

It’s likely that Tesla may encourage users to turn on the data sharing option to allow Tesla’s software to learn and improve from other users. However, for those that are privacy conscious, it’s nice to have an option to disable sharing.

Tesla Takes a Step Forward With Autopilot Safety

Although Tesla’s previous system of detecting steering wheel pressure worked effectively, we’ve seen that it can be misused. It’s great to see that Tesla acted quickly to introduce this new Autopilot safety measure, making driving with the feature even safer.

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