July 16, 2024


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The best chat bots to use on Twitch

Using a chat bot on Twitch is one of the ideal ways to communicate with people in your stream without bogging down its content. 

There’s a variety of chat bot software available online that gives streamers and moderators a large amount of utility and functionality in communicating with their stream nonverbally.

Whether you’re looking for simple commands that provide viewers with basic information or ways to give your audience mini-games to play, there are a plethora of options you have when it comes to picking a chat bot. 

But there are a few bots that stand out above the rest and are significantly more prominent on the platform than others. Here are some of the most popularly used chat bots made for Twitch.


If you’ve paid close attention to Twitch chats, there’s a high probability you’ve seen Nightbot around. 

As perhaps the most popular chat bot on the market, Nightbot has high levels of customizability and allows streamers to make a wide array of commands. The cloud-based software makes it so you don’t have to worry about downloads or servers, and it allows you to filter spam as well as fully search your chat logs. 

Nightbot also gives content creators options that allow them to expand the breadth of their content with things like song requests, giveaways, and automatic message posts that are set on a timer.


While maybe you haven’t seen Moobot as much as Nightbot, it does many of the same things Nightbot can. 

Along with posting special alerts to your chat, song requests, polls, and giveaways, Moobot can serve as an automated moderator. Additionally, the bot touts the ability to treat subscribers with different standards when it comes to automated moderation. You can give your dedicated viewers a little bit more slack with their potentially annoying spam. 


If you use StreamElements as your OBS for Twitch, it might be worth looking into adding the chat bot the software offers for both Twitch and YouTube.

Just like the other top bots, this will give you the ability to create custom commands, schedule chat posts, and effectively moderate your channel.

The appeal of StreamElements’ product lies in its ties to StreamElements as an OBS. If you’re looking to have your chat bot intertwined with the OBS you already have set up, this will minimize the amount of work on your end as a creator. Instead of having to go to a different application or website, using StreamElements could streamline your chatbot management.


Streamlabs also has their own chatbot with a plethora of features. With macros, commands, timers, giveaways, mini games, and more, the chat bot has all of the same features you’d expect out of the others listed here. 

The chatbot is cloud-based and comes with a dashboard and UI that mimic the Streamlabs OBS.

Just like with StreamElements chatbot, if you’re already using Streamlabs as your OBS, it will probably make your life easier to use the same brand for your chat bot. Having everything connected and having an identical UI structure will allow you to focus more on your content and less on the technical side of setting up your chatbot.