June 14, 2024


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Warzone Developers Reveal Total Amount of Banned Accounts

How many people have been banned from Warzone? Activision Blizzard’s erupting take on the battle royale genre made waves since its release, and further cemented the genre as a mainstay for the current generation of games.

With Call of Duty: Warzone chugging along in its second year, the FPS poster boy has no signs of slowing down. Activision Blizzard confirming recently that over 100 million players have registered since its launch back in March of 2020.

Warzone Developers Reveal to Fans Total Amount of Banned Accounts

As it goes with FPS games online, you are bound to run into cheaters here and there. Unfortunately, Warzone has had a pretty extensive cheating issue that is blatant for those who play Warzone often.

The developers over at Raven Software recently updated players on the state of cheating in their game, confirming another wave of bans and confirming the total number of bans.

In their most recent ban wave, Raven Software confirms 30,000 newly banned accounts, bringing the total accounts banned in Warzone to a staggering half a million. While half a million is definitely a crazy amount when considering each individual case of hacking or bad behavior amongst the half a million, Warzone still has a way to go.

Not to discredit Activision Blizzard or Raven Software, but PUBG Corp for Mobile has gone out and banned 1.6 million accounts in single week before. Granted, different studio, different tech, but the resources are most certainly there with a big-name company like Activision at the helm.

The Warzone community is fed up with the amount of hackers plaguing their games, and while it’s a very heartwarming sight to see half a million hackers banned, Raven Software still has a good bit to go before players are satisfied with the hacking problem.

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