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Wayne Sturman Discusses The Many Career Paths of A Software Engineer

Wayne Sturman is a software engineer from New York, New York. After graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2007, Wayne Sturman focused on learning multiple skills in the tech field. As a software quality engineer working in machine learning, his education has taken him in new and unexpected directions.

Who Is A Software Engineer?

A software engineer is in charge of many aspects of the tech field. Because it is a subset of engineering, this department still focuses on precision and science.

A software engineer ultimately works with computer science, reminds Wayne Sturman. This type of engineer can create web applications, mobile apps, operating systems, and even robots by developing business and consumer software.

Just as science can be considered another form of language, so can computer technology. Software engineers learn programming languages to understand databases, servers, and diverse frameworks. The job is designed for individuals who are primarily interested in “how” technology and science work.

Because technology is changing at a rapid pace, learning new technical methods for programming and problem solving can be difficult. Many students who excel at software engineering programs will continue their education at home. By practicing additional projects and studying their own textbooks and programs, they can use a hands-on approach to learn new material. A talented software engineer is often able to find several solutions to an issue.

Some of the most famous software engineers in the world include Bill Gates, who founded Microsoft, Sergey Brin, who co-founded Google, and Kevin Systrom, who co-founded Instagram.

How To Become A Software Engineer

Many students become interested in software engineering through coding camps. These programs are designed for teenagers who want to learn different programming languages. These camps usually teach the basics of HTML and CSS.

Individuals can learn how to program without a degree. Some people learn to code simply by practicing on their own or taking online classes. To receive a degree in computer engineering, certain education requirements are necessary.

Before landing a job as a software engineer, students must first understand which type of career they’re interested in. Software engineers can work at established IT companies or as executive consultants. Depending on what type of technology is most interesting to the individual, several programming languages are available.

Popular programming languages include Python, C++, Ruby, and JavaScript. Although software engineers do not exclusively concentrate on coding, they are familiar with more than one language. Having a deep knowledge of how they function is necessary for multiple careers.

Different Degree Options

After assessing the different kinds of careers affiliated with software engineering, formal education is required for most jobs.

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is preferable. This can be a program that focuses on computer science or other aspects similar to the tech field. By majoring in computer science, students can acquire information on designing software and algorithms. While this is not necessarily hands-on learning, this background knowledge will help.

Since many textbooks are outdated, learning computer science after class may be necessary as well. This can include hands-on coding or additional online classes. Many classes can be found for free online and help augment college courses.

Associate Degree

An associate degree can be completed in two years for students who attend classes full time. Entry-level jobs are available after gaining an associate degree in software development. Software engineering technology, systems engineering, and development are all majors that an associate-level degree can provide. These majors focus on programming, engineering, and modern development.

Depending on the program, associate degrees in software engineering learn advanced mathematics, project planning, and database management. Careers possible upon graduation include web development, database administration, and system engineering.

Coding Camps

A coding program or Bootcamp is an alternative way to learn how to program without a college degree. Coding camps offer several courses where you can learn necessary skills without years of mandated education. Typical coding camps run for several weeks and teach front-end web development as well as data science.

Coding camps also provide practical training in a specific topic. This is typically a much less expensive route and can provide the skills necessary to land a job right away. Usually, jobs found after completing a coding camp are entry-level but have the option for growth and development.

Code It Up

There is no “one” path for a software engineer, reminds Wayne Sturman. For those who are interested in the field of computer science, education is available in several ways. Depending on the student, independent classes that can be taken from home are available, and small group environments are offered in most coding camps.

Depending on the type of degree, a starting salary can look vastly different. The average software developer earns approximately $107,000 per year. The range, however, spans from $82,000 to $136,000.

A software engineer is someone who enjoys learning how systems work and applying their creativity to solve problems. These two skills are a complex mix that involves both abstract and technical thinking. For a career as a software engineer, the paths are as creative as they are practical.

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