June 25, 2024


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We asked, you told us: Most of you missed the Galaxy Note line this year

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra screen S Pen

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra screen S Pen

Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

It’s been about a year since Samsung officially discontinued the Galaxy Note series and two years since the last one came out due to Samsung skipping the high-end device in 2021. For some, the disappearance of the Galaxy Note has been a hard pill to swallow. Despite the Galaxy S22 Ultra technically being the successor to the Note, as Roh Tae-Moon told The Verge, it’s not quite the same.

Knowing how popular the Note was, we decided to ask all of our readers how they felt about the absence of the handset. Did you miss the Galaxy Note line this year? We gave you two choices, yes or no.

Well, after 2,532 votes, you guys told us exactly how you feel about the Note line being gone. Let’s dive into the results.

Did you miss the Galaxy Note line this year?


By the looks of it, 1,577 of you say you do miss the Galaxy Note line. That makes up more than 62% of the respondents. While 955 (over 37%) of you said you didn’t miss the retired phone.

We get it. The Note line was a great way to get a cheaper flagship that also carries the S Pen. Although the S Pen has been given to the device’s spiritual successor, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is about $200 more expensive than what the Galaxy Note 20 sold for.

The Note series first launched in 2011, helping to popularize large-screen smartphones. If you remember, back then a lot of Android phones measured under 5-inches. It was the antithesis of what everybody else was doing at the time. As people began to embrace the form factor, the Galaxy Note eventually become a staple in the South Korea-based tech giant’s portfolio.