Ranks the Best Org Chart Software of Year 2021 | News

SEATTLE, Feb. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ —, a leading independent review website for small business online tools, products, and services, has announced the best org chart software of 2021. The top platforms were determined by evaluating collaboration and editing tools as well as reporting features.

Software solutions were required to provide customizable templates, drag-and-drop editor tools, and smart editing options. Experts at also assessed systems with collaboration functions that allow different departments to customize their own sectors. The final list prioritized platforms that integrate seamlessly with HR, enterprise content management, and other systems.            

“Organizations with a clear hierarchical structure can run more efficiently and quickly adapt to change,” says Christelle Feniza, Communications Manager of “Org chart software is essential for creating organizational charts that outline roles and responsibilities.”‘s research team conducted a 40-hour assessment of over 70 solutions. To access the complete

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VLC 4.0 coming this year with new interface for the popular video player

Version 4.0 of VLC, the popular cross-platform media playing software, is planned for release in the coming months, Protocol reports. The big new feature is a redesigned interface, which VideoLAN foundation president Jean-Baptiste Kempf hopes will look “a bit more modern.” Protocol also reports that the team is working on integrating more online content into the software, as well as a new way of running VLC in a webpage. It also has an IMDb competitor in the works.

VLC’s developer VideoLAN gave the world a peek at what this new interface could look like way back in February 2019 at the FOSDEM conference. Screenshots released at the time show an interface that ditches the player’s dated light grey color scheme in favor of a design featuring transparent interface elements, and modern-looking icons. “Do not worry,” Kempf jokes when presenting the images, “You can still use a command

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Lobster biz braces for Chinese New Year impacted by pandemic

PORTLAND, Maine — America’s lobster exporters recovered from the Trump-era trade war with China to have a good 2020. But the industry is approaching one of the most critical times of the year with trepidation because of the coronavirus.

Chinese New Year is typically one of the busiest parts of the calendar for America’s lobster shippers, who send millions of dollars worth of the crustaceans to China every year. This year the holiday is Feb. 12, and industry members said the Year of the Ox won’t necessarily be the Year of the Lobster.

That’s because shipping is complicated this winter by the threat of the virus. Mike Marceau, vice president of The Lobster Company in Arundel, Maine, said he isn’t expecting many exports.

Business would normally be booming right now, and it has ground to a halt, Marceau said. It’s disappointing because the last spring and summer were fairly strong,

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Lessons Learned About Remote Work, One Year In After The Great Dispersal

March 2020 may seem like decades ago, but we are coming on the 12th month since the great corporate dispersal brought on by the Covid-19 crisis. That’s when every single office worksite broke up into a hundred smaller worksites ensconced within employees’ home offices, kitchen tables, spare bedrooms, or corners of bedrooms.

How goes this great Work-from-Anywhere experiment? So far, so good, and a lot of lessons have been learned. First, that remote work is sustainable, and doesn’t affect productivity. Second, the experiment has been uneven, mainly enabling the professional and managerial class to work from the comfort of their homes, while frontline workers have had to stick it out in the public space. Third, the tools and technologies available have proven themselves in stressful situations. Finally, even for professional, managerial and office workers, there’s still always going to

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