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Where Should I Post My Video Content? - 24img
November 30, 2023


Welcome to World technology

Where Should I Post My Video Content?

The rise of e-commerce sites has led to a concomitant boom in the video marketing industry. This is simply because the need to attract the attention of visitors to a site and, more importantly, to hold that attention is more difficult than it has ever been before. Perhaps this is a sad reflection on the state of modern media consumption but, even more than television, videos of the internet are facing potential audiences with small concentration spans.

If a customer in a traditional brick-and-mortar store, for example, is in anyway dissatisfied, they need to physically exit back out onto a street where there may not even be a rival store to go into instead. If a visitor is unenthusiastic about your e-commerce site, it takes them only a couple of seconds to close the window and visit another one. 

Content Videos and Attracting Traffic 

Accordingly, there has been a massive industry springing up to answer the demand for engaging content videos that not only attract the eye but hold it there for a period as well. We Make Videos, a video production company out of Nashville, maintain that this is precisely why video marketing is the most effective of all. Things need to be visual online, but it only takes a second to look at an image – it takes considerably longer to watch a video. That translates to extra time spent on your site. 

Therefore, we might think of video marketing for websites as a form of holding traffic, rather than attracting traffic. Nevertheless, videos can fulfill that latter role as well, but that means posting them elsewhere than your website. This leadsto an obvious consideration – where should you post them? 

Where to Post Content Videos

The short answer to this question is “on video content marketing platforms”. The long answer is impossible to give without first considering what type of content you are producing, what type of products you are trying to sell, and what type of website you are trying to attract people to. Nonetheless, we can enumerate the top video content marketing platforms and give their relative benefits. That way, you can decide what’s right for you. 


You will almost certainly have heard of this one. The benefit of YouTube is that it is the best known of all and offers a potentially massive viewership. It is also free, with an ad-supported monetization program allowing you to make some money off your content too. Videos hosted on YouTube are also given priority on Google searches. 


Vimeo began, to put it bluntly, as a YouTube copy. However, today it offers some unique features which you might well find useful. These include an ability for businesses to collaborate with team members on the platform. 


Facebook is not strictly a video content marketing platform. It is a social media site. However, just as YouTube is mainly videos but includes social media aspects such as comments and channel profiles, you can think of Facebook as the other way around. You will benefit again from a massive site membership, and you can also give your business a strong presence on the site. 


Wistia is a site popular with a lot of business users – and not so many casual viewers or potential customers. However, this makes it great for B2B video marketing and it also offers businesses the ability to track a videos performance across certain business-specific metrics. 

Ultimately, you can host your video in multiple places and a combination is usually a good idea. Just be sure the video is good enough to pull that traffic in. Success follows.