Why you should run a software update on your iPhone immediately

Apple released a critical software update to fix a security breach that could affect iPhones and other Apple devices by making them vulnerable to hackers without any action from the user.

Security researchers from The University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab discovered the breach on a Saudi activist’s iPhone that had been infected with an advanced form of spyware from Israel’s NSO Group, a hacker-for-hire firm, according to The New York Times.

The previously undiscovered vulnerability affected most major Apple products, including iPhones, Apple Watches, and Macs.

Although security experts say the average Apple product user should not worry about the breach because most attacks are limited to specific targets, the discovery still put security professionals on edge.

Apple published a blog post saying that it was issuing a security update for iPhones and iPads because of a “maliciously crafted” PDF file that could lead these devices to being hacked.

Users should get alerts on their Apple products prompting them to update the iOS software.

Those who want to get ahead of the game can go into the phone’s “Settings,” click “General,” then “Software Update” and that should download and install the necessary patchwork to fix the breach.

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