June 16, 2024


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Yo!Coach – Online Tutoring Software: 2021 in Review

Mohali, India, December 29, 2021 –(PR.com)– Yo!Coach – one of the flagship products of FATbit Technologies has grown immensely in the last few years. Yo!Coach is a white label online tutoring and consultation software that has been used to build and launch more than 200 platforms to date, in around 30 countries worldwide.

Quite similar to the previous years, 2021 was no exception, and Yo!Coach quadrupled its revenue and the number of active platforms. 77 new online learning platforms were built in different niches such as language learning, music learning, business consultation, etc in 2021 across 20+ countries.

Amidst all the changes and challenges the education industry saw in 2021, the team at Yo!Coach steadily worked to help online tutors and learners adjust and thrive in this quickly changing environment. Here is a recap of the achievements by Yo!Coach team in 2021.

3 Incredible Releases in 1 Year

The Yo!Coach team delivered 3 new product releases in 2021 to enhance the capability of this already successful online tutoring and consultation software. Integration of Lessonspace and Zoom APIs improved the virtual interaction between the students and tutors. The new payment gateways – 2CO, PayGate, PayPal PayOuts, and Paystack integrated into the system made it easier for the users to make and receive payments.

Further addition of the PWA (Progressive Web Apps) feature in the system enabled the users to have an app-like experience which enhanced the user engaging elements significantly. Compliance with GDPR policies and auto-detection of language were also the main highlights of this year.

In addition to these major features, Yo!Coach team has been able to roll out 100+ enhancements to improve the online learning/tutoring experience.

New Niches Tapped in 2021

Yo!Coach successfully catered to various new niches other than tutoring and consultation. Simbi, a brand that inspires people to read books, could not deliver physical classroom sessions to students post COVID. Yo!Coach transformed Simbi into an online reading platform to facilitate online group reading sessions.

Another tutoring platform TutorTuber offering elementary, high school, college, and university courses was integrated with a Parent Module with the help of Yo!Coach to make the communication between the tutors and parents more seamless and transparent.

Other than this, Yo!Coach also successfully delivered an Aviation project – AirSide Chat which connects Aviation enthusiasts with experts to have one-to-one conversations and know about career opportunities.

Yo!Coach has also served Health & Wellness practitioners and Behavior Management Training providers to deliver live sessions for the ones who are struggling with the challenges in daily life.

Yo!Coach – Future Outlook

Yo!Coach is poised to deliver more value to its users – admins, tutors, and learners in 2022. “This new year will help us tackle a variety of strategic priorities, as we plan to double our workforce and cater to the businesses supporting course-based learning,” Manish Bhalla, Founder & CEO of FATbit Technologies said.

The capital increase will also make it possible for Yo!Coach to continue to diversify its revenue sources. He added, “Our plan to launch mobile apps for the learners will definitely amplify their learning experience. We’ll also add more value for business owners, students, and tutors by improving the support systems which have proved very valuable already.”

He concluded by saying, “We are proud of where Yo!Coach stands today and hope to count on the continued support and feedback from our clients in the coming years.”