Minneapolis software startup gets $2.3M in funding, signs Ryan Cos. as client

A Minneapolis company that created software designed to help construction companies save money and boost efficiency by monitoring projects from afar is quickly gaining some big name users of its product.

Founded in 2016, SiteKick’s software captures images from smart cameras and environmental readings from sensors at the construction sites. The information is uploaded into a cloud infrastructure, where machine learning looks for objects of interest in the images, like people. The virtual presence system then produces real-time and historical data on construction progress, safety and productivity at the sites.

Monitoring and recording that data are typically performed manually. With real-time data at their disposal, superintendents, foremen and project managers can “extend their resources to work on more projects,” CEO Tom Wolfe said.

SiteKick, which emerged from stealth mode a little over a year ago, has about 20 clients, ranging from local general contractors to multibillion-dollar Minneapolis commercial real estate

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Online Proctoring Programs Try to Ease the Tensions of Remote Testing

When many schools halted in-person teaching during the pandemic, they also stopped providing another function that has been perhaps less missed: giving tests under the watchful eyes of proctors.

Millions of college students facing final exams, professionals pursuing new qualifications and others were asked to take important tests at home using programs such as ProctorExam, Proctorio and ProctorU—software designed to fight cheating by getting a human or machine to remotely watch for suspicious behavior in test takers’ faces, rooms and audio levels.

It was a windfall for online proctoring companies, but thrust the pitfalls of the practice into the spotlight.

Being watched by a faceless stranger or artificial intelligence provokes anxiety or worse, according to some students and teachers. Educators and privacy advocates raised concerns about the software’s efficacy, invasiveness and potential to discriminate against some disabled candidates.

Online proctoring companies are now updating their user experiences, partly to

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iHackGaming Releases The Best iGaming and Sports Prediction Software – Press Release

April 12, 2021 – Midvalley City, KL – Business Intelligence Company ‘iHackGaming’ invents new technology for followers of this gaming and sporting world. The brand’s new software, which is able to predict baccarat results and next sports match outcomes have been developed to positively impact society especially in the reduction of online gambling – a core objective of the iHackGaming brand.

This innovative software by iHackGaming would maximize Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics, machine learning, and data science to pre-determine results and outcomes, thereby, helping users make the right call for the upcoming sports and game fixtures. iHackGaming spokesperson, Tony speaking about this said that the company’s A.I Baccarat Analytic Software provides the needed strategy to win.

“The Baccarat game is quite easy to beat. Although, you must have a proven strategy to beat the online casino company. The house side makes you feel confused sometimes but that

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