May 19, 2024


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Calif. assemblywoman blasts DoorDash Sesame Street Super Bowl ad

For most of DoorDash’s Super Bowl commercial, which included Bay Area local Daveed Diggs and Sesame Street characters, it was a little unclear just what was being advertised.

When the adorable montage of neighborhood restaurants came to an end and it became clear that DoorDash was behind the ad, the internet let out a collective sigh of disappointment.

Criticized for their treatment of drivers (who were noticeably mostly absent in the ad) and predatory pricing schemes, the food delivery app drew quick condemnation online, including from San Diego Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, who tweeted her disdain for their businesses practices.

The internet was also not particularly kind to Diggs, contrasting the squeaky clean tone of the ad with his more abrasive experimental rap project clipping.

And although the service has announced it will be donating one dollar from every order today and tomorrow to the educational non-profit Sesame Workshop (up to $1 million), Twitter user Ben Ustick unpacked the numbers behind that donation, which puts into perspective the size of the gesture.

The Bay Area’s relationship with the delivery service is complicated at best, with many small business owners seeing it as a “necessary evil” that has grown too large to ignore, despite the large fees.

Watch the full ad below: