July 12, 2024


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Elden Ring Latest Leaked Footage Is Not Real, Online Report Confirms

The latest Elden Ring leaked footage is apparently not real footage from the game in development by From Software.

A few hours ago, Reddit user Blue_Affinity revealed that new footage seen in the leaked six seconds clip that has been making the rounds online is from a video put together by 3D/Concept Artist Jack Phan. You can take a look at the video, complete with the fake Elden Ring footage, below.

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Elden Ring has been originally announced back in 2019, but very little has been shown so far. The only look at the game has been provided by a leaked trailer that emerged online back in March. The trailer also provided the first look at some key locations and characters, as highlighted by well-known Chinese Souls content creator Longqi Bangbangtang.

  • That giant tree is the world tree he mentioned before, but it is only located in a certain kingdom and is not used to connect the whole world like the new God of war.

  • The narrator of the trailer is an NPC in the game, and he shares the same voice actor with Patches.

  • The castle at the beginning of the trailer is located in one kingdom, and the snow scene at the end is located in another kingdom. The character standing in the night is similar to the xanthous king.

  • Giant who pulling a wagon is a reference to the Green man in Celtic mythology. That wagon must be pulled by these giants to move.

  • The scene where the giant head is located may be a reference to Muspelheim in Norse mythology.

  • Given that FS designed the bosses and the maps firstly, and designed the NPC and the player then, so the appearance of the bosses supposed not to change, but the location may change (In Project Beast, daughter of the cosmos appeared in the church)

Elden Ring is currently in development for PC and consoles. A release date has yet to be confirmed.