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You Should Never Do These Things While Making Online Transaction

The trend of switching to online transactions first took off in the country after the demonetization act in 2016. Since then more and more people are turning to online payment methods for a fast and convenient way to make payments. Many apps and technology are also coming up to support the cashless trend of transferring money. Today we can make any transaction with just a click of a button, but did you know that this convenience has its own share of risks such as stealing of money? We have come up with some common mistakes that you might be making while using your bank accounts online.

Installing of Apps Outside Trustworthy Sources

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paymen through apps

This happens most of the time when we have to download some files through unreliable online sources. These websites may ask you to fill in your personal information including your bank details and later debit the entire amount from your account. Most of these sources can also steal your data available on your mobile. To avoid such circumstances you should always download the apps using a reliable platform such as Google Play or Apple App Store.

Making Online Transactions via Wi-fi Connection

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online payment

There can be chances when you have to make an online transaction but you are running out of your mobile internet data. Under such situations avoid using any public wifi connection or hotspots through strangers. There have been many cases where hackers have planted malware or software in smartphones with the help of wifi connectivity. These are again unreliable sources that can steal your bank details and you have to avoid them while transferring money online.

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Using Unreliable USB Cable

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online banking tips

Have you ever borrowed a charging or USB cable from a stranger to charge your smartphone? Well, you’re not alone we all have. But, charging your phones through unreliable cables can run the risk of stealing the data from your smartphones including the confidential details of your bank accounts. There have been many cases where people have become the victim of juice jacking, which is a form of cyber-attack. Juice jacking makes use of USB or charging ports/cable to steal personal data and plant malware or infected software in your smartphones.

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Clicking On Suspicious Links

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things to keep in mind online banking

We frequently get various links in form of click baits that are mostly sent by hackers or cybercriminals. They create a situation where you might feel compelled to tap on the transaction-related links through which they can steal your personal data later. It is ideal to check the URLs of these links before you click on them.

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Sharing The Personal Details

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smart ways online apps

This goes without saying that you should never share your ATM pin or other confidential bank details with anyone. Even when you are out and making transactions you should be aware if anyone is keeping an eye on your passwords. Never seek help from social media platforms as the information can get leaked easily. You should also keep changing your passwords linked with your email id or phone number frequently to ensure utmost security.

We hope you will avoid making these mistakes next time when you’re online transferring money. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more such stories.