March 5, 2024


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Jeal Computer Services Debuts New eCommerce Site

Jeal Computer Services has rolled out a new eCommerce site for online ordering, a report from says.

The company has also added a new B2B payment gateway — both of these items will be available via its EasyVend dairy distribution software, the report says.

The new services let dairy businesses access automation for the entire ordering and payment process to avoid cashflow issues and overdue invoices.

EasyVend has recently been the recipient of a “complete overhaul,” the report says, having transitioned from a desktop solution to one totally accessible anywhere with a more modern web interface.

With the software, everyday tasks like route management, invoicing, receipting, inventory control, standard orders, mobile application, proof of delivery, dockets and others are centralized, and there’s also capabilities for two-way integration with accounting software.

Jeal is a 40-year-old business from Sydney, Australia, and the report says there are no “updates, upgrades, or licenses necessary to run and data is secured on Microsoft Azure. It provides a complete business solution in one dashboard.”

B2B firms are still working on catching up on the digitization aspect. They’re working to shed off years of manual processes that now look clunky compared to newer electronic-based ones. One step, according to a recent PYMNTS report, is having more client-friendly features, as well as bridging the various systems used to manage the parts of the order-to-cash process on the eCommerce platforms. In addition, the solutions also have to integrate with the other parts, so that errors and slowdowns are avoided.

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation for the adoption of B2B eCommerce tools. Some of the existing challenges include tying together processes and building a holistic platform.

In addition, firms working on their online marketplaces have to consider how the payments processes can be innovated in order to keep up with new innovations.



About The Study: A New Approach For Modernizing Payments In Banking, a PYMNTS collaboration with Red Hat and Temenos, is a research-based report examining the trends transforming retail commerce and how these shifts are creating new challenges and opportunities for banks. The report aims to offer banks a roadmap to help them gain the technical capacity to support digital payments in all their forms.