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10 Ways Video Content Marketing Can Increase Your Website Traffic


Using videos to drive more visitors to your website is a smart move. Such is the popularity of videos, that big and small companies are investing thousands of dollars in video content creation. Keeping people on your site for an extended period is likewise an effective marketing approach. Using this method, you may lower your bounce rate and boost your search engine rankings.

More than 60% of the firms use video marketing to boost traffic to their websites. Businesses might see a large improvement in their return on investment by integrating videos on their website.

Listed here are a few of the reasons why you must implement video content marketing into your marketing strategy:

  • An increase of 130% in conversion rates can be achieved by including a short movie on your landing page.
  • Websites featuring video content can rank up to 53 times higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) than those without.
  • Reputation and trust are built through video content because it establishes an emotional connection with the viewer. According to research, video content has been shown to raise purchase intent by as much as 97%.
  • Using videos to educate and entertain your clients is a great way to get their attention and keep them coming back for more.

With consumers unable to look away from their screens, marketers have a golden opportunity to capitalize on the power of video marketing. Its influence continues to increase, and internet firms are capitalizing on it. However, despite the fact that there are numerous videos out there, some do better than the rest.

Video Content Marketing Drives Sales & ROI

In addition, films allow prospective customers to interact with a brand’s products or services by simply narrating a story. Videos can describe a brand’s offerings clearly and concisely, converting potential customers into customers and ultimately increasing sales and ROI.

Video Content Marketing Promotes Social Shares

Videos are the most popular material for readers to share with their social networks. It’s not just about increasing sales and ROI that videos do; they also raise social media shares and engage your audience.

Video has 1200 percent more social shares than text or an image, according to a Small BizTrends survey.

Videos Content Improves Website Traffic

Your website’s visitors will spend more time on your site as a result of the amusing video content you publish. To put it the other way, your videos can both maintain and attract new customers and retain old customers. Videos not only increase client loyalty but also help with SEO.

More time spent on your website tells Google that your material is worthwhile. It boosts your website’s search engine rating and brings in more free and targeted visitors. According to a Cisco study, video marketing will be responsible for 80 percent of internet traffic in the near future.

Techniques/Strategies For Video Content Marketing

1) Optimizing Your Video Landing Page

There are various ways for marketers to spread the word about a video. Video landing page optimization is a terrific place to start. If prospective clients can’t seem to find you, your landing page is of no use. Ads and social media postings that include completely optimized video landing pages would make your page more valuable and noticeable. As a result, creating videos to go along with your website’s written content is a must.

In addition to writing content, you can utilize short films to encourage visitors to discover and explore your website. As previously said, search engines are a big fan of video content. It’s easier for people to find you in search engines if your landing page has videos with relevant SEO-optimized keywords.

2) Develop and Publish Short Video Content

Short videos feature a high percentage of viewer involvement. The vast majority of viewers either prefer this format or simply don’t have the time to go through a 15-minute commercial for handbags.

Seventy-five percent of all videos made on Vidyard are under two minutes long. It’s also important to emphasize what you want your viewers to do if you plan to incorporate a call-to-action (CTA). Your conversion rates may suffer if your message isn’t clear.

3) Responsiveness of Landing Page Design

Second, responsiveness is an important consideration in video landing page optimization. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Creating a user-friendly website will attract viewers and readers to read your content, learn more about your company, and ultimately become customers.

Check the numbers if you’re still not satisfied. According to a Blue Corona study, 38% of visitors abandon a website that does not have a mobile-friendly design, and 48 percent of website visitors believe a website’s legitimacy is based on its design, according to the same study.

A poorly designed landing page should be avoided at all costs. Your website’s design should be handled by a professional.

4) Loading Time of Website

Third, web browsers despise websites that take a long time to load. If a page takes longer than two seconds to load, people will leave the site. Evaluate your website’s running and loading performance with Google.

Faster loading websites equate to faster video downloads. Boost your company’s bottom line by making your website load faster and gaining more customers with video content marketing.

5) Choosing Various Marketing Channels for Videos

For your video content to be effective, it must be seen by the correct people. Your video marketing plan needs to be based on the correct channels.

Brand exposure, customer trust, and lead generation can benefit from the correct marketing medium. It all depends on the demographics of your customers, the location of your business, and the level of client happiness.

Using these platforms, you may generate leads and turn them into clients for your videos:

  • Owned Media: Website, Blog, Email, Social Media (Organic)
  • Paid Media: Search Ads, Social Media Ads, Native Content, Paid Influencer
  • Earned Media: Review, Publicity, Endorsements, Influencer Marketing

6) Develop Your Own Personal Video Content

Customers like material that is specifically customized to their wants and needs. Video marketing is not an exception to this. As a marketer, you must tailor your videos to the specific demands of your customers. Targeted customers are more likely to watch a video if it is personalized.

Content customized to the buyer’s needs, especially video content, is sought after by buyers. As a result, you must provide video content tailored to your target audience’s preferences.

Personalized video content improves the number of people who watch it, increasing the number of people who buy from you. For this service — you could acquire content writing services as the professionals can help you tweak the content according to your audience.

Customers are more likely to buy from a company that treats them as individuals rather than just a number. There are numerous examples in this regard of brands that celebrate individuality and have used it to perfection in their marketing campaigns. Customer engagement with a brand’s products or services can be greatly enhanced through personalization, according to a recent Evergage poll.

An effective tailored video now includes a subliminal call to action (CTA). You must make it clear to potential customers what you would like them to do. For each video content, you create, have a clear objective in mind. It can be done in one of the following ways:

  • Add a window just at the end of the clip with the call to action (CTA) that tells the audience what to do next.
  • During the video, provide text boxes that serve as reminders to viewers to subscribe and leave comments.
  • Make use of video overlay ads.

7) Provide Sharing Options to Video Content

It’d be ideal if your videos were watched by a wide audience, wouldn’t it? Therefore, make it convenient for them to participate. However, you must be careful as marketing to everyone is actually marketing to no one.

Including sharing options in your videos is an excellent method to accomplish this. Our argument is the best-evidenced example by The Guardian. The Guardian’s video content can be shared on a variety of social media networks.

You can also add a comment urging people to share your video with their network if it isn’t being shared enough already. Viewers who enjoy a particular video are more likely to share it along with their friends and families, increasing the video’s popularity.

Increasing your brand’s exposure and visibility through social media is essential if you want to positively impact your bottom line. A sharing button can allow the user to visit your website while they are watching the video.

8) Adding Video Transcript

People are more likely to view a video if the content contains the information they are looking for. If you want your viewers to be more engaged, you may provide them with extra information by providing them with a video transcript. Using a transcript, you can read your video content out loud. With a glance, viewers will have a good idea of what to expect from the video.

The information viewers gain from watching videos drives their interest in the content. A video transcript can be added to the video to provide further information. This will increase your content’s number of views, interactions, likes, and sharing of views. Including the main keywords in the URL improves search engine rankings.

Incorporate your viewers’ advantages from watching your video into your transcript. To make it easy for viewers to see what they may expect from a video, you should transcribe the content of the video into text. If you want your video to show up in search results, make sure to incorporate the primary keyword in the title.

9) Reviews, Ratings, & Testimonials

You’ve probably seen influencers’ Instagram accounts. There are a lot of commercial posts on them. As a bonus, these firms frequently feature influencer-provided testimonials on their website. People are more likely to buy a product after reading a positive testimony about it from a well-known person. In addition, the audience will be able to read the reviews. Approximately 27% of consumers who shop online consult customer feedback and reviews just before deciding.

Adding social proofs to your video content marketing approach increases the number of people who watch your videos and increases your sales. To assist your video rank better, you can incorporate reviews, ratings, feedback, and testimonials into your video marketing strategy.

Your former consumers (or paid influencers) can give a review of your service or product if you have the money to do so. For frequent buyers, include it in the “Thank you for your purchase” email or in the weekly newsletter.

As previously said, purchasers are drawn to items and services that have been utilized and praised by others. Use testimonials to drive traffic to your video content. They will inspire visitors to see videos and undertake action as a result of their stories.

10) Develop & Publish Different Types Of Videos

As a business owner, you need a variety of videos to promote your brand. Making a variety of videos is an essential part of any video marketing campaign. Here are some examples of videos you could make for your video content marketing campaign to help drive traffic to your website:

  • Explanatory Video Content:

Using videos like this, you may educate potential customers about your company’s offerings. For the most part, online shoppers would much rather view a product video clip than read a description page.

It’s more convenient, quicker, and more enjoyable than ever before. Your explanatory video is a great way to demonstrate to potential customers how your items may alleviate their concerns.

Video is a great way for customers to connect with brands. It has been found that shops and B2B websites which utilize live video streaming have a 30% boost in sales. You should select software that will produce high-quality images, videos, and music when live streaming.

According to a study by 50 Wheel, 62% of consumers have an unfavorable opinion of brands that post low-quality live streaming videos on social media. Better equipment is definitely needed to solve the problem.

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