May 23, 2024


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Enhance your gaming experience with this sound algorithm software

TLDR: With Audio Optimization Experience software, you can make video games or anything coming through your computer speakers instantly sound clearer, crisper, and better.

Back in the day, audiophiles would add one of those ginormous multi-band equalizers to their stereo setups, allowing listeners to tweak every facet of their system’s sound to their highly individualized liking.

With all the multi-channel audio and incredibly intricate sound mixing that happens in today’s entertainment, you might not think you need that level of audio fine tuning anymore. But if you’re a gamer, particularly competitive gamers looking for any additional edge, hearing that distinct gun slide lock behind you or that twig snap in the brush could be the difference between life and death.

Thankfully, we know how seriously you take this stuff, which is why Audio Optimization Experience ($49.99, 83 percent off, from TNW Deals) can help users get every available inch out of the audio performance of their computer or gaming platform.

AOE is software that’s designed to enhance the quality of the audio coming out of the speakers or headphones. At the heart of AOE is a true beast of audio programming, its patented Bongiovi Acoustics Lab’s Digital Power Station technology, which uses 120 different calibration points to optimize soundwaves in real time. 

Everything from in-game sound to multiplayer comm systems talk becomes much more distinct, allowing players to make out every step, every shot, every sound on the field of battle easily and comfortably.

AOE brings the entire experience of hearing your games to the same stunning heights as the visuals, creating greater depth, clarity, and definition literally just by turning it on. While this technology throws a real charge into a computer onboard speakers or external speakers, the DPS V3D headphone technology really elevates the game, allowing players to locate sounds much quicker and more distinctly in that immersive environment.

While AOE’s performance is a game-changer for gaming, it’s no less revolutionary for anything you hear through your computer. That includes everything from apps, music, movies and videos all the way to voice communication like VOIP and video conferencing software like Zoom, Skype, or Google Meeting.

Audio Optimization Experience assures your audio is always on point — and right now, it’s also more than 80 percent off its regular price. With this offer, it’s on sale for just $49.99 before this deal expires.

Prices are subject to change.

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